Tim Armour Argues against Warren Buffet’s Claim about Passive Fund

Mr. Warren Buffet, a veteran investor, surprised the world by confidently claiming that he would rather invest in an S&P 500 passive index fund than invest in the hedge fund. He even went ahead to wager a million dollars to charity in the event that his investment in the passive fund failed to fetch as much as hedge funds fetch. Among the people who disagreed with Buffer was Mr. Tim D. Armour, another respected investment guru.

Tim’s Assessment

Tim acknowledged that Warren’s reputation of getting returns from bottom-up investment approach is good in that it is low cost. He also acknowledged that Buffet’s claim had a percentage of truth in it for there exists unscrupulous hedge fund managers who give investors a raw deal. Tim argued that even though he has a lot of respect for Mr. Buffet, the veteran had gotten it wrong in several fronts.

According to Tim, passive investments are not as safe as they appear from the surface. He argued that these funds place investors at a risk of losing it all during down markets. He noted that investors are misguided to think that the funds are the safest of all investment paths, resulting to trillions of dollars being pumped into it in investments. He noted that about 50 percent of passive fund investors are not aware of the risks that come with the fund. This naivety is largely contributed by the sheer fact that the funds have enjoyed a good run of favorable markets. This ought not to be confused for risk-freeness according to Tim and more information click here.

In Tim’s assessment, there is no clear way to confirm, which between the hedge and passive funds would yield higher returns. He, however, noted that investing in reputable hedge funds would guarantee an investor higher yields compared to an equal investment in a passive fund. The Growth Fund of America and The Investment Company of America are some of the reputable funds mentioned by Tim.

About Tim Armour

Mr. Timothy D. Armour studied at Middlebury College and acquired a bachelor’s degree in economics and Timothy’s lacrosse camp.

Armour made his debut in the investment industry in 1983. Since then, he has worked for organizations, such as The Capital Group Companies, Inc. and Capital Research, and Management Company.

More visit: https://www.thecapitalgroup.com/our-company/management-team.html

George Street Photo And Video Is Becoming A Must Have Service For Special Occasions

Quickly becoming the premiere photo and video company in New York City to handle all of life’s special occasions, George Street Photo and Video was lovingly started by three friends in a garage on George Street. Now George Street occupies a whole building on George Street with a full service staff, starting with customer service team members who will match clients to the perfect photographer or videographer to perfectly capture the moments of their special day. George Street Photo And Video Address Locations even has a wedding coordinator available and a staff of video editors that take the material from the event and put together a seamless presentation for the client. George Street’s Human Resource department makes sure that only the best photographer and videographers are hired to work with George Street Photo and Video. Anyone working with George Street Photo and Video can be reassured by the quality and commitment to excellence for their special day.

6 school hacks that everyone should know by YouTube guru Wengie

Getting prepared for school may seem like a daunting task, but YouTube guru Wengie has some school hacks That’ll have you ready to go all year.


1) Struggling to keep up with your to do list may leave you feeling frazzled, but YouTube guru Wengie suggests creating a post-it note board to help keep track these tasks. The best part about the sticky note board is that your to do list is easily changeable. Just move the notes around to make a schedule that works for you,


2) Writing with blue ink is better for note taking than black ink. It helps make the information stand out better and is easier to read when it comes time to study for exams.


3) Do you ever struggle to find the right folder for class? Boy haven’t we all. Wengie suggests color coding your notebooks by coloring the corners, so that it’s easier to find the subject you’re looking for.


4) Are you tired of file folders and random papers scattered across your desk? Well, Wengie has a solution to your problem. She suggests using a counter top, drying rack for organizing and storing your folders.


5) What should you do with those smelly sneakers after gym class? Wengie suggests putting 2 tea bags in your shes before putting them in your locker or bag. This helps eliminate odor.


6) Have you ever found yourself searching for your deodorant after gym class, only to realize that you left it at home? Well, if you have hand sanitizer in your bag, you can use this to kill the bacteria that causes odor. You’ll not only have clean underarms, but they’ll no longer stink.


Read more about Wengie: https://www.blogger.com/profile/16426495937280037810

Eric Lefkofsky, an American Entrepreneur

As a Chicago businessman, Erick Lefkofsky is among the world’s richest people, with a net worth of $1.6 billion. The life of Eric is centered on entrepreneurship. He is the co-founder and CEO of Tempus, a health technology company. Tempus is an abbreviation for Trans-European Mobility Programme for University Studies. Tempus aims at encouraging higher education institutions in all member states to EU and other partnering countries so as to engage in a cooperation that is structured. Through Tempus, medical practitioners can offer services in treating cancer through a platform that is interactive and analytical. Therefore, the program gives support to transformation process of democratic societies and market economies and read full article.

Lefkofsky, together with his wife, founded a charity organization known as Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006 with the intention of supporting charitable, educational and scientific organizations and their causes throughout the world. His family foundation is accomplishing his philanthropic work through the advancement of high-impact programs and initiatives and conducting research to enhance the human life quality in the communities being served. The charitable trust’s primary focus revolves around medical research, human rights, arts and culture, and education. The largest donations go to Lefkofsky’s hometown, Chicago, mostly in the arts and culture causes.

Eric Lefkofsky’s presence in social media is felt through his many tweets and Facebook posts about cancer. In Twitter, he has over 6,000 followers. His tweets mainly focus on finding a cure for cancer and investments. He educates the society about cancer. Moreover, Lefkofsky uses the social media platforms to talk about his life experiences on a daily basis so as to give encouragement to the community and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

More visit: https://twitter.com/lefkofsky

Preventive Health Screenings Offered By Life Line Screenings

Life Line Screening is a non-profit organization that provides preventive health screenings nationwide. Their company tries to work with individual’s work schedules and work them in on their breaks. But they also offer evening screenings and some Saturday screenings. Health issues will occur at one point or another in a person’s lifetime. Often times there are no warnings and preventive tests are not done until symptoms occur. Life Line Screening offers affordable preventive health screenings so individuals can catch potentially critical health conditions before they arise or catch them early so treatment options are more effective.

The health conditions that Life Line Screenings check for are carotid artery disease, stroke, heart disease, abdominal aortic aneurysm, and many more. These conditions don’t usually show symptoms until they have progressed. By having the preventive health screenings, the individual can prevent some of these health conditions by modifying their lifestyles. The test are non invasive and results are given within minutes after the test are run.The Three Types of Preventive Health Screenings Offered The ultrasound is a technique that allows for physicians to see inside an individual. The ultrasound produces clear images of organs, vessels, and tissues inside the body. This technique uses high frequency waves to create the images.

The EKG is a test that involves hooking up electrodes to areas of the chest. This allows for the physician to detect abnormalities of the heart beats. The EKG can show a person’s regular heart beat and also detect an irregular heartbeat.The finger-stick blood test is done by pricking the pad of the fingertip and taking a few droplets of blood to run tests on. This test is an accurate test to detect diabetes, cholesterol issues, heart problems, and liver enzymes. It is also a great test to detect risk factors for these conditions before they have occurred. Learn More.

JMH Development Does a Lot of Business Thanks to Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

The owner of JMH Development, Jason Halpern, has done what he can to make sure that the business is successful. He has overcome a lot of challenges and has worked to make sure that his company has the best development opportunities for people in the areas that it is located in. The business has corporate offices that are located in Philadelphia but Jason Halpern has come up with ideas for developments around the country. He follows the best markets and always works in cities that are the hottest options. Since Jason Halpern is the owner of the company, he can work hard to make sure that he is showing people what they can get out of the buildings. He is also able to do a lot of work that allows him to be successful and to have developments operating in a shorter period of time than most developers.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner of Aloft Property

Despite the fact that Jason Halpern is the owner of the company, he prefers to stay involved with the business in every way that he can. If this means that he has to do the physical labor of developing a building, he occasionally does that so that he can meet deadlines. His ability to go hands-on is reflective of his dedication to developing and the experience that he had prior to opening up the opportunity of JMH Development. Jason Halpern is experienced in developing and can work on nearly every aspect of developing the buildings that he works to make a possibility.

Jason’s Own Time

The real estate market can be tricky especially for developers but Jason Halpern knows a lot about it. He also knows the right way to make sure that he can get the most out of the market. By understanding the markets that he is in and the way that he can choose development opportunities, Jason Halpern has given himself a chance to make sure that things are going to work out for him. The opportunities that he has within different markets show that he has been dedicated to developing different cities and sticking with the trends that are happening at that time.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

Jason Halpern knows the right way to give people choices. He has done a lot during the time that he has worked with people on developments and this has given him a chance to make sure that he can do more with the options that he has. Jason Halpern wants to provide new opportunities to people who are in different areas and he knows that offering them choices in developments is the right way to be able to do it. He also knows that having a lot of luxury choices will make people more interested in the developments.

The Power of Securus Technologies to Protect Officers

I can say with no uncertainly that working in a jail is the most dangerous job in the world. Each day, me and my fellow officers are outnumbered 4:1 by inmates who want nothing more than to hurt us for treating them like animals. My job is the jail is actually keeping those inmates safe from attack from each other, while keeping us safe in the process.


To limit the amount of violence in the jail, we do a good job of inspecting each person that comes in to visit the inmates. Although these visitors know that they are going to be arrested if caught trying to smuggle in contraband, yet they are willing to risk it many times to help their friends and family that are trapped in the jails. We also do several surprise inspections each day on the inmate cells, and as much as they feel this is an invasion of their privacy, we recover numerous items that could be used to hurt others.


When Securus Technologies installed the inmate phone system in the jail, little did we know we were going to discover perhaps the most powerful of all resources in our battle to stop the flow of weapons into the jail. I was trained to use the system and the LBS software, and it began to bear fruit instantly. Listening in on calls between inmates and family used to be a challenge because they could code their conversations. Now, I am able to hear chatter in a way like never before.


In the last month, I have recovered weapons that inmates referenced they were hiding in their cells, hiding in the yard, or making in the metal shop. These calls have also helped us to find which visitors are being told to bring contraband to the jail, and catching them before they even get in the jail.


Going by the Current Plans, Honey Bridette is destined to Go Far

Honey Bridette recently launched an e-commerce site for their U.S. customers, following an increase in sales to a tune of 374 percent from that region over the past one year. The new platform promises the United States customers a more sophisticated feel with extra benefits like a wider selection of their products, quicker shipments, simplified return process, and free deliveries for purchases amounting to $50 and above.

Plans for Growth

Honey Birdette has experienced a rapid expansion since its inception in 2006. From its single retail store in Brisbane, the firm now boasts 55 stores in Australia. Honey Birdette has also crossed the border to other places like the United Kingdom where it opened its first store last year at Covent Garden in London. This was soon followed by two more branches at Westfield White City and Leeds’ Victoria Gate. The firm has announced its plan to open 40 more stores in the United Kingdom by the end of next year, with ten of them already in the final stages in the most enterprising areas like Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool, and Westfield Stratford. Honey Birdette also hopes to open stores in the United States.

About Honey Bridette

Honey Birdette is one of the leading privately owned lifestyle brands in Australia. The firm offers latest designs and styles in undergarments and other assorted accessories. Eloise Monaghan incepted the company in 2006, and it has since grown to an international standard. The firm’s primary service centers are in Sydney, New South Wales.

Honey Birdette’s products can also be found at BB Retail Capital following a strategic partnership entered in 2011. Honey Birdette also utilizes its Facebook page as a marketing tool by displaying its products and updating their new products to their fan base. Honey Birdette has also been increasing its online presence, which has skyrocketed its turnover.

Jason Hope and Philanthropy

Jason Hope believes in providing investment opportunities to new businesses as well as individuals. This is also because he believes that he has the mean to do so and hence he should bring their ideas to life. This is why he is offering grants to seniors in high school as well as to college students. This is done so that their ideas get a jump start and turn into technological breakthroughs. He knows that just having a great idea is never enough. Support is required in order to get it off the ground. He wants to provide this much-needed support and make it a reality and read full article.

Jason Hope knows that philanthropy is a big deal for everyone. This is why he has chosen to stand behind a number of organizations. He is quite passionate about the research that is being done at the SENS Foundation. This is because they are involved with anti-aging. But this is not just about living forever. In fact, it is about living a longer and a healthier life and learn more about Jason.

Jason Hope has a deep interest in the Internet of Things. He considers it to be something that is so huge that it will be the most important thing for decades. It is able to connect things of daily use together. Hence it is something that has an interest for businesses as well as individuals alike. Thus people can connect all things of daily use together with this way. Thus people can look into their home security, air-conditioning and heating even when they are away! and resume him.

The Beauty In The World

If you are thinking about taking a trip in the near future, there are a number of awesome eco-friendly destinations worth checking out. It’s natural to think of eco-friendly tourist spots as more bland than actually being exciting, however, some of the most luxurious resorts are practicing the eco-friendly aspect of things. Eco-tourism allows visitors to benefit any of the places they visit by helping conserve nature and the heritage of the places. There’s nothing like the felling you get from knowing that you have helped contribute to the protection of the beautiful places you visit.

If you are looking for a safari experience, Campi ya Kanzi is a wonderful place to visit. The reserve spans over 283,000 acres in southern Kenya that is made more magnificent by Mount Kilimanjaro as it’s backdrop. They offer an exhilarating outdoor experience with a mesmerizing wildlife safari. Another great place to visit is Hotel Punta Islita, located in beautiful Costa Rica. The resort has an abundance of activities for you and your family, such as art projects, zip-lining, horseback riding and even monkey safaris. The luxurious resort is only 10 minutes from the beach and they have shuttle buses in which to transport you there.

Wild Ark is something that you should look into for all of your eco-friendly travels. They have a multitude of experiences that you can participate in, including a six day trail experience in the African Wilderness. It’s a perfect experience for nature lovers wanting to sleep under the stars and hike through the African Bush. It offers it’s participants a chance to learn about the bush while teaching situational awareness, map reading, water purification and tracking game through the bush. There is nothing better than learning survival skills through hands on experience. Spending a week under the stars and cooking over an open fire is a wonderful way to get back to the nature that we should all crave.

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