BetterWorks Initiates Employee Performance Indicators Measures to Motivate Workers

BetterWorks was formed in 2013. It’s a technology platform that is devoted to inspire, develop, along with activating modern workforce. The staff has struggled to get rid of outdated processes used to encourage performance and implemented new ones used to provide organizations with feedback. BetterWorks also focuses on helping employees to set objectives every year.

The system is based on helping them to set goals and mark progress based on what matters to a company. BetterWorks has a way to inspire employees by instigating what matters. As such, it drives people. Since its founding, the organization has realized that there is a better way to motivate people. It comes down to alignment. Therefore, if an employee is excited by the tasks assigned, they would be encouraged to offer their best by contributing more and partnering more.

By using BetterWorks, workers are also encouraged to set an organization’s top goals. BetterWorks, therefore, helps organizations to show workers that their input has a significant meaning. Besides, they are also encouraged to assist the business work toward making constructive progress. They will be motivated to work harder toward attaining something valuable. This implies that their input is immeasurable. Their contribution also matter. BetterWorks is devoted to tapping into the usefulness of conversation and the frequency of open communication utilized to provide feedback.

BetterWorks understands that ideas are precious. However, execution is everything. It’s essential to measure elements that matter regarding performance. A motivating workforce needs to consistently align employee’s work to meet the company’s objectives and coaching them.

Perry Mandera discusses productivity and success in entrepreneurship

Perry Mandera has been working in the logistics and transportation sector for more than four decades. He is the Founder and CEO of Custom Companies, an industry-leading logistics, and transportation company which he started in 1976 after Perry Mandera left the Marines. Through Custom Companies, this iconic entrepreneur provides shipping services to his clients in Illinois and also around the country. Among his many achievements in his career, in 2000, he was named as one of the ‘Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium.’ Recently, Perry had a sit-down with IdeaMensch where he discussed productivity and success in entrepreneurship.

Becoming more productive

This logistics and transportation guru pointed out that in his experience increasing productivity makes it easier for an entrepreneur to become successful. He went on to state that proper planning is very crucial to becoming more productive. Perry Mandera said that he always has a hectic day, but he still pulls through by planning properly (InsidePhilantropy).

In addition to this, this entrepreneur said that in his line of business, excellent communication skills are essential. He spends most of his day making calls to clients, vendors, and employees as well as writing business emails. His excellent communication skills ensure that all his employees are in their best productive mode. Perry Mandera added that to make sure that his business is also in its best productivity, he is an exemplary leader. He, therefore, creates time to have lunch or dinner with his employees.

Bringing ideas to life

In this interview, Perry Mandera stated that bringing ideas to life effectively is also a significant contributor to success. He said that he is lucky that his management team has persons he has worked alongside for more than three decades. It, therefore, isn’t hard for him to bring ideas to life as he has a good rapport with his management team. Perry Mandera advised upcoming entrepreneurs to consider building strong teams around them to bring ideas to life successfully. He added that at times he involves an outside consultant or an industrial phycologist in the decision-making process and this has proven to be a smart move.

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Outlining the Accomplishments of Isabel Dos Santos, a Successful Female Entrepreneur

Isabel dos Santos is documented among the world’s most successful female entrepreneurs. Forbes lists her at position eight in its list of African billionaires and position 1008 in its list of world billionaires (Everipedia).

Who is Isabel dos Santos?

Isabel dos Santos is a daughter to Jose dos Santos, a former Angolan president. She has a bachelor’s degree in science and arts, from Kings College in London. At present, Isabel resides in Luanda, Angola’s capital.

Why is Isabel dos Santos ranked among the most successful entrepreneurs in Africa?

Isabel is an all-around independent businesswoman with an avalanche of investments in Angola’s telecommunications, banking, entertainment, retail, energy, construction, media, and manufacturing industries. Besides Angola, Isabel has investments in other countries.

Besides business, Isabel dos Santos has been fighting poverty, empowering women from low economic backgrounds, as well as creating job opportunities for Angolan citizens.

Isabel has been developing videos and other content that help shed light on critical entrepreneurial ideas like starting and managing businesses. The videos guide young entrepreneurs through the worlds challenging the business industry.

Furthermore, Isabel dos Santos has been sharing her entrepreneurship skills on various business forums. For instance, she spoke at the European Parliament in Business, a summit that united entrepreneurs from different parts of the world.

Isabel used the summit to advocate for the development of various digital infrastructures in African nations. She argued that such advancements would help Africa to compete with other developed countries in the international economy.

While working at Unitel, Angola’s largest telecommunications company, Isabel used his business development prowess to create over 50,000 job opportunities. The job openings absorbed many learned youths. People define Isabel as a beacon of hope who is dedicated to make Africa a better place for young entrepreneurs, more so women.

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Treat Yourself To Luxurious Soft Lips With EOS Lip Balm

Thanks to advancements in the beauty industry, you don’t have to rely on dull looking chapstick to keep lips moisturized and defend against chapped skin. EOS has a line of fun-to-use lip balms that fit neatly in your pocket or bag when you’re on the go.

It’s easy and fun to refresh your lip’s pout when your lip balm is nestled in an egg-shaped container. Keeping lips sufficiently moisturized helps them retain a youthful and healthy appearance. No one likes living with cracked, dry, irritated lips that are flaky and peeling.

The EOS Lip Balm line includes organic, medicated, and shimmering options to match your lifestyle. You won’t believe the incredible results and flavor of Strawberry Sorbet, which is USDA-certified, organic, and paraben-free. Your lips receive the benefits and moisturization from ingredients like vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter.

Another EOS Lip Balm favorite is Cooling Chamomile. As a medicated balm, Cooling Chamomile is perfect during harsh winter months when the elements wreck havoc on the skin. A blend of aloe vera extracts, shea butter, olive oil, and chamomile relieve painful, damaged lips. Restore your lips with this hypoallergenic formula, which is dermatologist tested, paraben-free, and petrolatm-free.

Applying lip balm will never be the same again, as EOS offers fun flavors like Lemon Twist, Sweet Mint, and Honey Apple. Keep your lips smooth, hydrated, and ready to face the world with lip balms from EOS. Caring for your lips with ideal lip balm is crucial to your beauty regimen.

Felipe Montoro Jens’ Association With Smart People

Felipe Montoro Jens is a renowned finance expert in Brazil. He is significant in various infrastructural projects across the country. He facilitates agreements between the private sector and the government of Brazil. He got a chance of working for different companies including Luciano Nitri Guidolin and Enel Group S.P.A. He worked at the project development and finance department at Enel which was a breakthrough in his career.

This experience enabled him to hold various positions on several boards at different companies. Felipe Montoro Jens holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and one in Spanish and History from Fundao Getlio Vargas and UC Santa Barbra respectively. He takes a running session before going to work enabling him to be more productive. He tries to avoid social media, long meetings, and small duties at the office. Visit his website to learn more.

He attends to at least conference calls and meetings with investors and other financial organizations. He spends most of his time watching movies, talking to smart individuals, and reading curious news. This is a way that helps Felipe Montoro Jens bring his ideas to life. He also writes reports to the Board of Directors showing the challenges and outcomes of their investments.

As an entrepreneur, he remains focused on achieving his main goal through all means. Felipe advises the youth in doing what they are best at and always ask for advice from the people who are knowledgable in the field. The motivation of a team is crucial in business success according to Felipe Montoro. He recommends every entrepreneur should always review their reports to improve what they are doing.

A banking app is a software he appreciates much since all his investments and payments are done easily regardless of the location. He recommends a book called Sidarta to the community since it explains the significance of using nature to find internal personal balance. Felipe Montoro Jens insists on not giving up and associating with the right people to enrich your life.


Paul Mampilly Parlays his Expertise in Financial Investments

Paul Mampilly one of the most renown investors in the U.S. Formerly, he was an expert in the management of hedge funds before being an investor. Today he is one of the most sought after as he has been featured in several publications such as Fox Business News, Bloomberg and CBNC. Besides investing, he has founded the Profits Unlimited which is one of the most popular Newsletters in Investments. Through the newsletter, he has been able to parlay his experience, skills and knowledge. Thus, be able to provide market insight to his subscribers within the stock market.

The successful investor is an Indian born and raised. However, he relocated to the United States in his early youths. In 1991, the journey towards his foray began as he worked in several prestigious companies. Paul Mampilly worked in Bankers Trust as a Portfolio Manager. Since then he steadily rose to different executive ranks in companies such as ING and Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank among others. Here, he was in charge of managing accounts worth billions of dollars. Working in these companies was a steppingstone for him to showcase his skills. Today, he has been ranked by the most coveted journal Wall Street through his 25 years’ experience.

Eventually, Paul was hired by Barron’s to manage hedge funds. Through his leadership, the assets rapidly rose from $6bn to $25bn. Thus, the company was named as one of the best companies in the world to manage hedge funds. More importantly, within the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009, Paul Mampilly was able to double assets net-worth in just a single year. After making several returns, he retired at 42 but now with a focus on helping the average American citizen.

Then, he began with writing the investment journal -Profits Unlimited. The core functions of this journal were to evaluate the market trend of the different stocks that were fast rising. The recommendations that Paul Mampilly has brought to the table have allowed many people to make massive gains in the stock market. Not only has Paul written the Profits Unlimited but also has managed several services in trading such as True Momentum, The $10 Million Portfolio, Extreme Fortunes and Rapid Profit Trader.

Contact Paul Mampilly: Introduces Hungary’s Grand Tokaj Wine to Chinese Consumers

Grand Tokaj is the biggest and boldest wine brand in Hungary. It, therefore, makes sense that they partnered with Jingdong, the biggest and boldest retailer in China. Chinese consumers can now find Grand Tokaj wine on the website along with a huge variety of other products ranging from electronics to fresh fruit. and Grand Tokaj partnered. Both will work on marketing this brand in China using the Big Data analysis that Jingdong is known for. People who order Grand Tokaj wine off will receive it either on the same day or the next day after they have completed their checkout.

Grand Tokaji has several sweet brands of wine. They are grown in Tokaj-Hegyalja Wine Region and are created from grapes that have been partially raisined. This process of creating wine was invented in 1630. This wine has been a big hit with Chinese consumers, selling 1,000 bottles of wine in just the first 10 hours it was available. Their online store at gained 400,000 followers on the first day.

Like a lot of other products, is the leading online retailer when it comes to wine and other alcoholic beverages. Since 2013, Jingdong has increased its sales of alcoholic beverages 10 times over. Over 20 of the alcohol brands listed on sold over RMB 100 million in 2018. The best selling alcoholic drink is Moutai which sold more than RMB 1 billion.

Carol Fung is the president of’s FMCG. She said that the market in China for wine is filled with potential for foreign brands. People are drawn to foreign brands of wine in China, especially women, millennials, and people who live in tier one and two cities. She said that Jingdong plans to further leverage their resources and offer wine drinkers in China the chance to experience even more unique experiences.

People across China buy products from Jingdong. They can deliver products even into rural parts of the country as they have over 550 warehouses and a fleet of drones. They have over 300 million buy products from them each year and earned USD $672 billion in 2018.

Sheldon Lavin Impact to the Food Industry

His Impact to Business

Sheldon Lavin joined the food industry over four decades ago. Previously, he had a great profession as an investor and managing the banking sector. The entrepreneur owned a financial consulting company and helped clients in the business. OSI Group comprises of thousands of workers internationally, and he is proud of their efforts towards the firm. Their culture has enabled the company to elevate its position in the market. It is through this impact and proper leadership that has enabled the firm to prosper. Over the years, he has been at the forefront to guide and support the staff to improve their efficiency.

His Career Background

Sheldon Lavin started his profession in the food industry in 1970. It is at this stage that he planned finances for the firm. The businessman had vast experience in finance and account as it was his profession. Five years down the line, he was in charge of handling and monitoring foreign investments. McDonald’s offered him an opportunity to work with them to improve the operations at OSI. Later, he agreed to the offer and started to operate in OSI Group on a full-time basis. The firm began to see significant developments and investment taking place after Sheldon Lavin took over. It is through this change that he was allowed to become an executive of the company.

His Philanthropic Efforts

Currently, Sheldon Lavin is focusing on more developments for the firm. He has plans for the firm to diversify its operations to Asia and Europe. Also, OSI Group supports McDonald’s and clients globally for their continued sales. The executive has been an active philanthropist to the community. Some of the charities he has been supporting include Ronald McDonald House Charities and Evans Scholarship Fund among others. Sheldon Lavin has been awarded severally for his philanthropic efforts to society and his ventures. Recently, he was given a Global Visionary Award for his transformation of concepts into reality. The award appreciates visionaries who showcase patience and hard work to achieve their objectives. OSI Vista Processed Foods is a subsidiary of OSI Group from 1995. It functions in eight different regions in India and provides custom processing products.

The Fortune of Isabel dos Santos and African Millionaires

As stated by Forbes, Isabel dos Santos is the eighth richest person in Africa. The growth and rise of the Angolan businesswoman were mainly because of her hard work and passion in life. It is evident in the Forbes’ list of African millionaires that the list shrank to 20 this year because of a decline that was due to descend or drop stock prices that were being held by millionaires as well as the reduction of the currencies in Africa. Only four people were able to manage and sustain their wealth last year among the 20 richest people in Africa and Isabel dos Santos has risen to the eighth position this year and as an Angolan representative. In terms of country, Egypt and South Africa are the countries with the five millionaires, followed by Nigeria with four and Morocco with two. Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Algeria, and Angola have one.

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Aliko Dangote of Nigeria is the richest person in Africa with equity of 10.3 billion dollars and lost 2 billion last year because of a decline in the share price of a company or her most valuable asset. The second richest person in Africa is Mike Adenuga who is also from Nigeria with a worth of more than 9 billion dollars and the owner of the third biggest mobile communications network in the country. He is also part of the oil industry. The third richest person in Africa is an heir named Nicky Oppenheimer of South Africa, valued at almost 8 billion from the past year. The youngest on the list is Mohammed Dewji and the oldest is Othman Benjelloun. It can be seen that only two of the millionaires on the list are women and Isabel dos Santos is one of them.

The wealth of Isabel dos Santos fell to 2 billion this year, down from 2.7 billion last year. It was all because of a major decline in value of the shares in a telecommunications company that was owned by the businesswoman. On the other hand, Isabel dos Santos still continues to rise in the ranking despite the reduction or decrease in the total value of her wealth.

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Nicolas Krafft Leads a Successful Annual Event in Paris Center

Led by its Global Business Development Vice President Nicolas Krafft, L’Oreal Paris held its second annual fashion and beauty on September 30th. The event took place on the floating catwalk on the Seine in the center of the capital of France, Paris. The event incorporated several shows. Some of them were the new season’s look, and the exhibition from the brands to showcase their developments. Besides, the event was free for anybody to attend and renowned people from the industry took part.

On the 60-meter floating runway across the Seine River in the heart of Paris, women took center stage to showcase their beauty. Among the top names were Elle Fanning, Louise Bourgoin, and Eva Longoria, who displayed modern and traditional fashion.

Under Nicolas Krafft’s leadership in the search to advertise the company’s milestone and what people can get from L’Oreal, the show shone with a spotlight on diversity and creativity which were linked to this robust beauty company. Other people outside the fashion industry came in to support the mission and vision of L’Oreal basing on what it had done since its inception in Paris. Among them was Nikola Coster-Waldau who is also known as Jaime Lannister because of his Role in the Game of Thrones. P Aramaic and ski champion Marie Brochette who is also the new ambassador for L’Oreal Paris.

In its determination to bring beauty and fashion to everybody globally, L’Oreal organized its fashion week under the Global Business Development department where Nicolas Krafft plays a vital role. The company showcased the latest style and the modifications to the existing one. The event was attended by Val Garland a Global makeup artist, Stephanie Lancien a Global Hair Artist who created 70 new makeups. Senior Rykiel, Isabel Marant, Miu Miu, and Balmain represented the 13 models.

The event took eight days to showcase modern jewelry and fashion in general. They displayed it on the big screens to allow the tourists and the passersby to watch it from far. They also aired the event live in more than 30 nations besides filming them to help L’Oreal Paris to advertise itself to the world.