Lime Crime Pulls No Punches In The Area Of Responsibility

Lime Crime is the most responsible companies in the cosmetics world today. Doe Deere founded Lime Crime with a small eBay store and a few hundred dollars. Her store turned into a multi-million dollar operation that creates responsible products for women who want to wear something striking every day. The bold and provocative colors found in the Lime Crime catalog are only the beginning of a company that is helping women express themselves properly. This article explores how Doe Deere has taken responsibility seriously with her cosmetics brand.

#1: Vegan Products Are In Today

Vegan products are in around the world are in vogue, and every woman who has chosen a vegan lifestyle is looking for new products that will help make her look beautiful. Many women object to traditional cosmetics because animal products are included, and Doe Deere began by creating velvetines that are vegan. The vegan velvetines were the first of the products Lime Crime produced without animal products, but the catalog is filling up with new vegan products every day.

#2: Doe Mentors Young Women

Doe Deere has created a mentorship program for women who are in need of help starting their own businesses. Lime Crime is an inspiring company, and many women who use Lime Crime products will think of starting their own companies in the future. Doe wants to provide women with a unique way of starting their own businesses, supporting their families and living their dreams. Lime Crime was once a dream for Doe, and today Lime Crime is a dream come true.

#3: Doe Prefers Bright Colors

Doe Deere prefers bright colors, and the bright colors she produces are unique to her company. There are many women who must match their bright colors to the other colors in their clothing. A woman with bright colors in her clothing may match her eyeshadow or lipstick, and a woman who is interested in creating her own personal style may do so using the vivacious colors from Lime Crime.

#4: The Lime Crime Name Is Bold

The Lime Crime name is as bold as it can be, and the name indicates that each color will push the boundaries of what a woman would can do with her appearance. Wonderful makeup is a way for a woman to feel good about herself when she gets ready in the morning, and these same colors will help women make a statement that cannot be made with words. Every woman who is fashioning her personal style has a partner in the the Lime Crime name.

Lime Crime is a name that people are drawn to because of its vivid nature. Everyone who is looking for a new way to apply makeup must try Lime Crime just once.