Brenda Wardle: Defending Oscar Pistorius

The controversial Oscar Pistorius trial which commenced in 2013 has attracted mixed criticism. A phenomenal South African athlete Oscar Pistorius has been convicted for murdering then girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp among other related offenses. According to reports released on revelation in 2013, Pretoria-resident Pistorius murdered Steenkamp with a loaded firearm on February 14, 2013. The incident occurred at his Pretoria home. Strangely, Pistorius admitted to killing Steenkamp on the account of mistaken identity. In his defense, Pistorius assumed it was an intruder and not Steenkamp entering his home.

Immediately after giving his statement, Pistorius was arrested and awaited an official trial. He formerly stood trial for murder in February 2013 and was officially charged. The Pretoria-presiding High Court Judge, President Dunstan Mlambo informed the defense of a live audio-broadcast and partially televised the trial. This includes consenting witness testimonials, sentencing, and closing/opening arguments. The trial then proceeded to the Pretoria-district South African High Court with Judge Thokozile Masipa presiding.

The case was opened on March 3, 2014, for official hearing on September 11 and 12. Upon reviewing the case extensively, the judge delivered a not guilty verdict of murder. However, Pistorius was guilty of reckless endangerment for public display of a firearm in a restaurant. He’s also guilty of culpable homicide which resulted in Steenkamp’s untimely death. He received a suspended three-year sentence for the conviction of reckless endangerment. In addition, he’s liable to spend up to five years for the charge of culpable homicide. Pistorius rose to fame after delivering an extraordinary finish at the 2012-Summer Olympic Games and the Paralympics.

Powerhouse legal analyst, Brenda Wardle, is an award-winning talent serving South Africa. She’s the appointed COO (Chief Operations Officer) of her practice Wardle College of Law Pty Ltd. She’s analyzed several high-profile cases, including South African Paralympics champion Oscar Pistorius. Wardle is a leading brand home and abroad. To her name, Wardle holds three graduate-level law degrees enterprising advanced litigation services. In addition to her litigation obligations, Wardle is an accomplished author of several notable publications. Her many contributions to the renowned SAAJ (South African Attorneys Journal) has earned her nationwide recognition. Another notable mention is that Wardle wrote a national Section-100 Interventions article.

Additionally, Wardle has attended countless interviews hosted by media giants such as the BBC Radio series which focused on the high profile Pistorius trial. Others included Talkradio 702, PowerFM and more. Among her exclusive writing samples, Wardle has penned a collection of twelve manuals, including “The Matriarchs,” and other inspirational titles. In fact, she intends to dedicate a book to the controversial Pistorius saga. Mainly, she intends to decode the science of law as a unit and the machinations that compromise the process.

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