Stephen Murray’s CCMP

Stephen Murray was the CEO and the president of the CCMP company. He worked to make the company a more viable option in the world of private equity investments and made sure that the always did his best to make the company larger. He was able to make CCMP better because of the practices that he participated in concerning the company.

The company is one that does private equity investments, but it is so much more than just that. It has capital ventures, banking solutions and options in the chemical sectors of the business world. These various ventures allowed it to become one of the biggest and most known firms in the entire sector. It is based out of New York, but it stretches the expanse of many different markets around the entire world. There are many options that the copmany has and that they offer to different people.

In the chemical sector of the company, other companies are helped with chemical options that they have. This means that they work with companies that develop chemicals and other harmful substances. They make sure that their clients are always within regulation and that they are always doing what they need to get the most money for their business. They work to help chemical companies through their ventures and do so successfully because of the way that they are able to do different things for the companies. They are successful at what they do and manage to participate among the best of the best.

The company also works with businesses who are in the manufacturing sector. They have experts in manufacturing and make sure that they always have the right insights to provide these businesses with the best advice. They are able to provide them with this advice because they work to make sure that they know as much as possible about each sector that they work in. They do so through their various ventures and through the fact that they have experts in all fields. They always make sure that their employees, as well as the people who help them, know what they are doing.

There have been many ways in which Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has been able to get better, but it would not have been possible without the help of the business partners that the company has. They focus on partnerships and make sure that they always have the best information when it comes to their partners. They only choose businesses to partner with them when they know for sure that the business will help them become better. They choose options that will build their business up and will help them create the strong forge that is needed in any partnership.

Recap of the Daily Herald’s Dog Food News Article

In the Dog Food News article a representative of the Daily Herald went and interviewed some of the employees from the Dog Food companies and talked with them on the new surge of food and the spike in sales. The companies who produce dog food, companies like Purina and many others have started to change their food to a more natural way of eating. Since the year of 2009, the companies producing dog food have seen a surge of 45%($10.5 billion increase) in the sales of dog food.

Foods that the companies are starting to produce are containing real meat, veggies, fruits and grains to help our fellow canines achieve a more natural way of living. This is a very good thing, because this helps dogs to live longer and be healthier. The ingredients that are being used are actually said to be some of the finest ingredients in the food industry for dogs.


Beneful is a great line of products for dogs that was created by the Purina Petcare company. This line of dog foods includes of wide variety of wet and dry dog foods and also include dog treats. In the year of 2012, the Beneful line was actually rated to be the 4th most popular brand of food for dogs to hit the market. On average, the company sees around $1.5 billion in revenue each year, meaning that they are a very popular brand in demand.

Recently, in June of 2015, Beneful released a line called Beneful Healthy Harvest. This product replaces meat as the main source of protein with the use of Soy. In the year of 2007, the Beneful line was recognized for their amazing use of packaging and were presented with the Pack Expo Selects Award during the time of the Showcase of Packing Innovations.

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Newcomers to the Liquor Business

I realize some equate the name Dick DeVos with words that are not worth mentioning here. However, I find that he has quite the enterprising mind. Not only does he run one of the five DeVos charities – which his wife Betsy DeVos helps him with – but he has published a book and has a new business venture underway.

This new business venture is more of an acquisition, but I stand by my wording. DeVos is planning to buy the Coppercraft Distillery, and his holding company Windquest Group would hold the liquor license. While no one involved in the acquisition can say anything, the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs has noted that Windquest will be accepting mail and documents on behalf of Coppercraft.

This acquisition is going to be a tricky one. Not only must DeVos acquire the license, which I have found could take up to six months for approval, but he must also begin expanding. At the moment, Coppercraft has a 9,000 square-foot distillery, which includes a tasting room with seating for 50 people. This facility is located in Holland Township, at 184 N. 120th Avenue. As of when this article was written, Coppercraft is owned by Walter Catton III.

Catton is quite excited for the DeVos acquisition of Coppercraft. He’s been looking for someone to invest in his distillery – which opened in the latter part of 2013. The company is currently serving clients in over 100 locations across Michigan, Colorado, and Illinois. Restaurants and party stories are among the majority of the clients.

If all goes according to plan for Dick DeVos and Walter Catton III, Coppercraft is expected to add a kitchen to the tasting room, expanding the wine and beer selection to include hand crafted drinks, and to increase the capacity to distribute the wine and beer.

Dick believes that liquor sales will increase tourism to his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is involved in many philanthropic endeavors creating a better economy, education and lifestyle for the people of Michigan. He even founded a charter school that is aviation focused to create opportunities for those less fortunate than himself. Dick is an accomplished pilot and wanted to spread his passion for flight.

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Dr.Sergio Cortes Begins to Evaluate The Flooded Area

State Sec.of Health Sergio Cortes was recently contacted by Extra.Global while he was on his way to meet his evaluation team as they are scheduled to tour the in Xerém, Duque de Caxias in the areas in that region that were more severely than by the recent flooding and landslides caused by unseasonably powerful torrential downpours of rain. The state government has recently constructed seven Dengue Hydration centers that have also been used as emergency shelters for residents taking refuge from the landslides and flooding. Each of the emergency shelters have 12 chairs that are to serve as hydration stations. Atanews reported Health Sec. Cortes has also called for classes to begin teaching workers in the emergency shelters so they will have the ability to be able to detect early symptoms of diseases. Through early detection and isolation of the patients the transmission of the virus can be overridden as long as no mosquito can bite an infected person because people infected with the Zika virus are not contagious.Dr.
Sergio has explained on that local residents will be assisted in disinfecting their home water tanks and the State Department passed out 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite so that the residents can go disinfect their systems. The Brazilian Government has sent out 200,000 troops throughout the country to help with the flooding victims in to help with the massive project of decontaminating the floodwaters. The goal here is to prevent the mosquitoes that have been blamed for transmitting the Zika virus and dengue throughout the area from being able to breed by aggressively attacking every grounds which is really water. 3000 antibacterial tablets of have been passed out as a measure to combat leptospirosis. Dr. Cortes explains the there is a lot of contaminated water in the area and that the fact that there is so much garbage accumulated due to the breakdown of the sanitation systems for the city.

By confronting the Aedes aegypti mosquito, Health Sec. Sergio Cortes is really attacking the heart of the problem. Hard to believe that such a small inset is actually a deadly killer. It transmits Zika virus which alone is responsible almost 4000 children being born in Brazil with birth defects since late 2014. The Aedes aegypti mosquito is also the transmitter of dengue fever, yellow fever, hepatitis A and diarrhea.


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