Newcomers to the Liquor Business

I realize some equate the name Dick DeVos with words that are not worth mentioning here. However, I find that he has quite the enterprising mind. Not only does he run one of the five DeVos charities – which his wife Betsy DeVos helps him with – but he has published a book and has a new business venture underway.

This new business venture is more of an acquisition, but I stand by my wording. DeVos is planning to buy the Coppercraft Distillery, and his holding company Windquest Group would hold the liquor license. While no one involved in the acquisition can say anything, the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs has noted that Windquest will be accepting mail and documents on behalf of Coppercraft.

This acquisition is going to be a tricky one. Not only must DeVos acquire the license, which I have found could take up to six months for approval, but he must also begin expanding. At the moment, Coppercraft has a 9,000 square-foot distillery, which includes a tasting room with seating for 50 people. This facility is located in Holland Township, at 184 N. 120th Avenue. As of when this article was written, Coppercraft is owned by Walter Catton III.

Catton is quite excited for the DeVos acquisition of Coppercraft. He’s been looking for someone to invest in his distillery – which opened in the latter part of 2013. The company is currently serving clients in over 100 locations across Michigan, Colorado, and Illinois. Restaurants and party stories are among the majority of the clients.

If all goes according to plan for Dick DeVos and Walter Catton III, Coppercraft is expected to add a kitchen to the tasting room, expanding the wine and beer selection to include hand crafted drinks, and to increase the capacity to distribute the wine and beer.

Dick believes that liquor sales will increase tourism to his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is involved in many philanthropic endeavors creating a better economy, education and lifestyle for the people of Michigan. He even founded a charter school that is aviation focused to create opportunities for those less fortunate than himself. Dick is an accomplished pilot and wanted to spread his passion for flight.

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