Arrogance, Complacency And Stubbornness Characterize The European Union According To George Soros


Europe tried to pull itself together into one prosperous economy 30 years ago by forming the European Union. The original Union was an agreement between two countries, but it quickly expanded its membership. Members of the EU are a diverse group of independent nations with their own rules and intentions. If the truth be known, several of the members have long-standing disagreements with each other, and those mini-conflicts were never resolved. But in the name of economic prosperity and security the nations got together, opened their borders, created a new currency, and started doing business.

George Soros, the wealthy investor and foundation head, recently told a German magazine that the European Union is an arrogant, stubborn and complacent group that is self-destructing. Soros believes the EU is heading for a breakup, and there’s not much anyone can do to stop it. Mr. Soros posted the interview on his website, and what he said about the EU is true. The euro is in crisis mode thanks to an incredible amount of debt. Several member nations are on the verge of bankruptcy or are bankrupt, and a couple of countries want to leave the EU. Britain is one of those countries.

Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron is renegotiating his country’s relationship with the EU. Cameron has asked for a modest number of reforms, and some analysts say the unbending EU leaders refused his package of reforms almost immediately. One of the major issues is a minor change in migrants’ rights to claim welfare once they enter a country. That request was denied as well.

The supreme arrogance that EU leaders display has caused more problems than solutions, and according to Soros their position on changing some of the rules concerning migration is another example of shortsighted thinking. Rather than building a closer Union, the leaders are stubborn enough to die from self-inflicted wounds.

George Soros said the migration crisis could be the ultimate fail for the European Union. Member nations are dealing with the migration in their own way, but several of those nations refuse to deal with it at all. They have closed their borders and their eyes to the human suffering for purely nationalistic or religious reasons. Mr. Soros thinks more than 5 million more refugees will reach Europe in 2016 unless the EU pulls itself together and develops a plan that will help these people find homes closer to their original homes.

The EU is unwilling to find a solution or they believe setting up check points and refusing entry is the best solution. Soros calls that fear-based reactions not a solution. Unless someone steps up and takes the lead in the EU, the prediction that there will be a European Union break up may become very real in 2016.