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There has been a lot of gossip about the new trend of athleisure. People wearing clothing that is normally only worn at the gym is now being used in everyday life. Leggings at the supermarket and yoga pants in class are becoming more and more common.

What many are wondering is how long this trend will stick around. The fashion world is constantly changing and there is always the chance that a fad will fade in to history quickly. Athleisure will most likely stick around for a quite while. It is not just about looking good, but also feeling good. This trend is one that many will want to cling to.

Skinny jeans and Spanx may give better lines but no one can deny that they are binding and incredibly uncomfortable. Athleisure offers people amazing looks with a much better feel. Using the same materials as active wear, this style will allow anyone to feel as good as they do in their pajamas. A recent article from seems to agree. This is a trend that many on the go types want to keep around.

Many companies have been getting on board with athleisure. Fabletics, a popular site under the dome of JustFab, is launching a new line dedicated to everyday clothing for the active individual. The co-fouder of Fabletics, movie star Kate Hudson, finds physical fitness to be an important part in everyday life. She has been using Fabletics to promote healthy living to all of her many followers.

Founder in 2013, the company has found that their subscription based system is bringing in a massive amount of business. The VIP subscription option allows customers to pay a monthly fee to have access to all the new styles at discounted prices.

According to a pin on Pinterest, Fabletics and athleisure are making sure people everywhere both look good and feel great.

Athleisure is a fashion trend that is most likely here to stay. Beauty and comfort combined is exactly what so many people have been looking for. Thankfully, Fabletics has taken it to a whole new level. With all the different options to choose from it seems like athleisure is the solution everyone has been looking for. Writer Tries Wen By Chaz For Herself

Wen hair by Chaz Dean is a really popular shampoo that most people have seen marketing for before, but they might now have tried it because they did not need to. Now these people will be able to use the shampoo with confidence because they can read the review that was done by People with fine hair have been trying Wen hair to see if it can help them with shedding, and it has helped a lot of people get good results. However, the writer wanted to see for herself.
The process of any shampoo test starts with the person reading all the instructions, and the writer read all the instructions to show that she was doing something completely different than what she is used to doing. She made sure that she was following the instructions the right way, and then she started into washing her hair. She made sure that was following the instructions to the letter, and she kept to them until she was done.

She even took pictures of herself washing her hair so that everyone could see how it was going to be done. She was doing a real test that shows how to use the ebay sold product, and it made it much easier for people to see how the shampoo works. People who wanted to see if the shampoo would actually worked can see that she did a good job washing her hair, and then she took a picture in her shower to show that her hair was not shedding. That is a really helpful thing for people who have been dealing with shedding hair, and it is even more important for people who do not want to deal with shedding in the future. Wen by Chaz was found to be the best thing for people to use. Like Wen Hair’s Facebook page:

Soros Predicts A Future Financial Catastrophe

George Soros predicts that yet another financial crisis could be in the cards for and investors. This not only emphasizes a need for caution within investment, but also an need to be aware of market fluctuations. Billionaire George Soros was interviewed on a forum in Sri Lanka, relating his thoughts on the subject. This interview illustrates that the international struggle for financial stability.

While China attempts to find a new growth model on, the country’s currency devaluation is creating international unrest. Soros related that a possible return to positive interest rates will be a challenge for the developing world, paralleling the financial events that unfolded before 2008. The link between global currency, stock , and commodity markets currently seem destabilized as they were in the first week of the new year.

The yuan’s decreasing value is still a concern and there are signs that China’s economy will slowly move from investment and manufacturing, two industries that have dominated the Chinese sectors. The middle class is now promoting consumption and services. China will also suffer as $2.5 trillion was taken from total global equities this year through Wednesday. Losses in the market only increased within Asia on Thursday due to halted Chinese equities.

Soros described China has having “a major adjustment problem,” This inability to adjust has produced a volatile environment that seems unlikely to get any better. George Soros has had successful predictions regarding the market before, so analysts are ready to take heed. Investment in the yuan may also be risky due to political situations within the country. He points a comparison to Greece, which suffered such a serious financial crisis around 2008 that they country’s national historical treasures were to be sold off for debt compensation.

George Soros, owns a hedge-fund firm that has gained about 20 percent annually from 1969 to 2011, and touts a net worth of about $27.3 billion. Starting his career in the 1950s within New York city, he was able to gain a reputation for investing success in 1992. It was within this time period that George Soros netted 1 billion on the estimate that the U.K. would devalue the pound. George Soros has always had an ability to gage the volatility of markets around the world.

This time around, China is the source of instability is surging this year. The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index on, also referred to as the fear gauge, is up 13 percent. These number are alarming considering the additional Nikkei Stock Average Volatility Index. Data shows that the cost of Japanese shares protection has now climbed 43 percent in 2016. While some may be optimistic about the stability of the yuan, the international market is not transparent enough to make accurate predictions.

With this information in mind, it is advisable for investors to stay far from the yuan until international markets warrant a lower score on the fear gauge. While the 2008 crisis wiped the slates of many companies and individuals, many analysts may wonder if investors are likely to suffer major losses again, as the word is out and the caution within finance has increased significantly.

Hair Products that Actually Work

No one said that thick and flowing hair was something that was easy to achieve, and there are tons of women out there that struggle with thin hair that has little to no shine. Luckily, Chaz Dean has come to solve the problem, as he has created one of the best products on the beauty market when it comes to volume lifting, shiny and hydrated hair, as Wen hair has absolutely exploded on the beauty scene.

If you have not heard about WEN Hair before, there is a good chance that you do not own a television or open a magazine, as there is a massive amount of exposure. This is based and rooted in the fact that Wen has delivered a huge amount of results, not only to those women that are dealing with flat, frizzy and thin hair, but also to anyone that is looking for some shine and some beauty to their hair. Emily McClure set out to find out whether or not the products that have been released by Chaz really match up to the hype, which Bustle originally posted, and she made sure that she would post her results and let us all know what happened. After deciding that she would use the product for a period of at least a week, she found that her hair felt better in the shower.

This is a distinctive thing that is very noticeable when you are talking about WEN Hair by Chaz Dean, as it truly makes your hair feel fuller. When you are massaging it through your hair, you are probably going to find that your hair is absorbing the moisturizing components, which gives hair that natural, fuller feel. She ended up being happy with the results that she got from using Wen hair, noticing that she had shinier hair that others noticed, as well as the fact that she lost less hair in the shower.



Philip Diehl The President Of U.S. Money Reserve Said Gold Prices Are Up

The U.S. Money Reserve is one of the world’s top distributors of gold, silver and platinum coins issued by the United States Government. Philip Diehl, the President of U.S. Money Reserve, is a seasoned veteran in the precious metal market. Diehl is the former Director of the United States Mint, and former chief of staff of the United States Treasury. Diehl was interviewed recently by, and he shed some light on the gold and silver market.

Diehl said gold coins are in vogue with investors now, and that trend will continue in 2016. Diehl also said U.S. Money Reserve is in a position to help investors move from the stock market into the gold and silver market. Stock market investors are growing more and more skeptical. Professional investors say 2016 will not be a decent year in the stock market because of the China economic situation and the unrest in the European Union. published a recap of the Diehl podcast interview. In that article, Diehl was quoted as saying the price of a troy ounce of gold will continue to increase in 2016. That prediction became a reality when an ounce of gold jumped 1.3 percent to $1,238.20 at the beginning of April 2016 in Europe.

The gold market veterans at the U.S. Money Reserve have been talking about golds popularity for the last year even though prices dropped in 2015. All the signs for a dramatic increase in the price of gold and silver are flashing green, according to Diehl (more on this article:

The recent increase in gold prices in the European market is shades of things to come because Netherland voters rejected a European Union trade deal with the Ukraine.

Mr. Diehl also mentioned the fact that the Federal Reserve is planning to raise interest rates again in 2016, and that means another drop in stock prices. When professional investors get nervous about stocks, they turn to gold, platinum, and silver.

The Federal Reserve is weighing the uncertainties in the global investment market, according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal article said investors are betting that the Feds won’t raise interest rates, because of the China situation and European Union issues, but they are hedging that bet by buying gold.

Philip Diehl believes 2016 is the year when gold and silver prices will go higher than anyone expects.