The Place Where Fashion and Comfort Meet

There has been a lot of gossip about the new trend of athleisure. People wearing clothing that is normally only worn at the gym is now being used in everyday life. Leggings at the supermarket and yoga pants in class are becoming more and more common.

What many are wondering is how long this trend will stick around. The fashion world is constantly changing and there is always the chance that a fad will fade in to history quickly. Athleisure will most likely stick around for a quite while. It is not just about looking good, but also feeling good. This trend is one that many will want to cling to.

Skinny jeans and Spanx may give better lines but no one can deny that they are binding and incredibly uncomfortable. Athleisure offers people amazing looks with a much better feel. Using the same materials as active wear, this style will allow anyone to feel as good as they do in their pajamas. A recent article from seems to agree. This is a trend that many on the go types want to keep around.

Many companies have been getting on board with athleisure. Fabletics, a popular site under the dome of JustFab, is launching a new line dedicated to everyday clothing for the active individual. The co-fouder of Fabletics, movie star Kate Hudson, finds physical fitness to be an important part in everyday life. She has been using Fabletics to promote healthy living to all of her many followers.

Founder in 2013, the company has found that their subscription based system is bringing in a massive amount of business. The VIP subscription option allows customers to pay a monthly fee to have access to all the new styles at discounted prices.

According to a pin on Pinterest, Fabletics and athleisure are making sure people everywhere both look good and feel great.

Athleisure is a fashion trend that is most likely here to stay. Beauty and comfort combined is exactly what so many people have been looking for. Thankfully, Fabletics has taken it to a whole new level. With all the different options to choose from it seems like athleisure is the solution everyone has been looking for.