Securus Technologies Makes Automates Inmate Forms

Securus Technologies has reduced the workload of the securities officers of its prisons. They accomplished this by introducing a new form of technology, ConnectUs, an automated forms processing program. ConnectUs saves an enormous amount of manpower. Time that was once spent processing paperwork is now redirected to other tasks.

Inmate Forms

  • Grievances
  • Sign up forms
  • Medical

· Handbook acceptance forms

When each of these forms is about to be submitted by an inmate a complex process is initiated. To begin with an inmate or another corrections employee must request the form and then a corrections officer must distribute the form. That form is then completed and must be collected by the officer, routed, logged, copied, filed, archived and stored. That’s a lot of activity that must follow the initial release of a requested form. That activity translated equals many man hours.

ConnectUs is purported to save up to 65% of that time. It is completely automated, making the original production of forms less time consuming. The prison system produces about 13.8 different forms each month and of course that is multiplied by thousands of inmates across the country.

By automating the form processing system, it is now easier for inmates to follow the processing of their forms. If additional information is needed, officers can request it online from the inmates. As the form moves through the system, inmates can follow its progress until its approval or denial. The final decision can also be obtained online when the inmate logs onto the program.


ConnectUs does just that, it connects the inmates to the prison officials electronically. It saves a great many man hours and allows that time to be redirected to more pressing matters. Plus, inmates are better served when the processing of their requests is completed in a timely manner and they are electronically kept informed as it moves through the approval or denial process.

George Soros Back In The Election Arena

After spending an astonishing $27 million dollars in an attempt to end George Bushes 2004 re election campaign, George Soros has kept a low profile on the political scene. However he has reemerged as one of the largest donors for this election committing over $25 million dollars to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and other democratic candidates. Soros has long been an open democratic supporter but because the stakes are so high Soros feels the extra need to participate in the process and do what he can to make sure Hillary Clinton has the resources to be beat Donald Trump on Investopedia. Soros sees Trump as a real threat to Stability in the USA and around the world which is of course concerning to any investor. In addition Soros has long been a supporter of the democratic party for its social issues the parallel his many philanthropic activities such as fighting for religious freedom and immigration reform.

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Soros is such a big Hillary support he even wanted to attend the democratic convention last week in Philadelphia, but was unable to make it do to the situation in Europe that Soros must closely monitor. George Soros has known Hillary for over 25 years and through that relationship he has a large amount of faith that she is the right person for the job. In addition his lack of faith in Donald Trump adds to his desire to make sure Trump does not get elected. In addition to his personal donations, George Soros has a domino effect within the elite finance world. When George Soros makes large donations to various packs other high wealth individuals tend to follow adding to the pool of resources for Team Hillary. After spending so much money trying to defeat Bush, Soros never thought he would need to participate in the process with such a large check again thinking that Bush was an exception he had to make and then along came Donald Trump.

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