The IT Staffing Expertise of Diversant LLC.

John Goullet is an IT specialist who’s primary expertise is in IT consultancy and staffing. He founded the Info Technologies in 1994 after discovering the high potential that was in the IT staffing sector. The main clients that his business served were the Fortune 500 companies. Info Technologies penetrated the market since it understood the needs of the corporate world and worked towards fulfilling them. John Goullet was the chief executive officer of the company. The firm was ranked among the Inc. Magazine’s top 500 fastest developing businesses in the United States. Its services were valued by its clients and by 2010 its value was $30 million. It was incorporated into the Diversant Inc. in the same year.

Diversant LLC is a top provider of IT staffing services. Africans-Americans own most of the shares of the enterprise, and therefore, the Unites States government has registered it as Minority Owned Business Enterprise. The company offers a broad range of IT staffing solutions, and they include direct contracting, various innovative services, and reinforcement of IT staff. The services of Diversant LLC are based on an outstanding set of policies, which are meant to ensure that the demands of the clients, affiliates, and the community are fulfilled. The firm has managed to maintain long and healthy relationships with the customers since it associates with them in a consultative way that makes them feel like actual business affiliates.

The information and technology sector across the world is developing at a fast rate, and therefore, there is a high demand for professionals to serve the industry. Diversant’s services are crucial to its clients in acquiring the right IT experts that have the skills that are needed in solving various problems. The specialists that the company offers are knowledgeable and they can assist businesses in creating programs that can address their specific IT problems. Diversant achieves this by utilizing rigorous procedures in sourcing and hiring the employees. It does consider not only the academic achievements of the experts but also their experience and talent. They can work in different environments and solve various needs the customers.

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