Sam Boraie | Corporate Leader, Visionary, and Philanthropist

Sam Boraie is a Vice President of Boraie Development, a family-run real estate developer located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The company, Boraie Development, LLC develops modern property developments mainly in New Brunswick but lately, has started venturing into Atlantic City and Newark.

Services Offered by Boraie Development

Boraie Development works with leading financial institutions, contractors and visionary architects in New Jersey to come up with attractive property developments. Its primary services are property management, real estate development as well as sales and marketing.

  1. Real Estate Development

Since its inception, Boraie Development has built a strong reputation for developing state of the art projects that surpass the expectations of clients. Bloomberg describes the company to be known to use its capital, dedication to excellence, and reliability to develop high-end projects. With over four decades in the industry, Boraie Development has become the most experienced and sought-after real estate developer in New Jersey.

To finance some of its massive projects, the company sources for private financing from institutional-based investors, commercial banks, and high net worth individual investors.

  1. Property Management

Property management is a core component of Boraie Development’s overall business strategy. This is because it creates value addition for the firm’s assets. The company maintains all its properties with exceptional detail and undertakes improvements regularly. The property management function of Boraie Development entails accounting and administration, maintenance, leasing, and customer service.

  1. Sales and Marketing

Boraie Development and its subsidiary, Boraie Realty, have facilitated real estate and property transactions worth over $150 million. The marketing division works closely with other departments to identify and understand relevant commercial and residential factors affecting the industry.

Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie is a visionary real estate executive working at Boraie Development. For over twenty years, Sam has been instrumental in not only growing his family’s company but also instigating a property market renaissance in New Brunswick. He has spearheaded lucrative acquisitions for the company and formulated many successful strategies. He has a network of connections that allow him to raise capital and market the firm’s assets throughout the region.

Sam is also a consummate humanitarian and philanthropist. According to Rutgers Magazine, he is on the advisory board of New Brunswick’s nonprofit organization called Elijah’s Promise. The organization fights poverty and hunger in the region using food. Additionally, Sam sits on the board of trustees for the State Theater, a historic nonprofit venue that promotes performing arts and entertainment. It also uses education and awareness to build a better society.