A Look At Fabletics And Co-CEO Adam Goldenberg

The Creation Of Fabletics With Kate Hudson

Fabletics is an online fashion retailer that was created in 2014. Kate Hudson teamed up with technology and retail executives Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler to launch the new online clothing brand. The design of the clothes is handled by Kate Hudson who is also the face of the brand. Fabletics is geared towards active women, and Kate Hudson is a poster girl for this demographic.

Co-CEOs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler meanwhile, are skilled executives who handle the marketing, retail and e-commerce aspects of the business. Mr. Goldenberg has previously built up a successful online retail operation at a young age. Don Ressler has also seen great success in e-commerce and communication.

The talents of Ressler, Hudson and Goldenberg are combined to make Fabletics successful. The trio has managed to vertically integrate Fabletics so that the manufacturing, distribution and sales process takes about two months. The CEOs have also personalized shopping on Fabletics with recommened outfits and suggestions based on preferences and lifestyles on vator.tv. Another key factor of the success was the fact that Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson have created a hook for customers such as limited edition outfits and membership only deals. This approach has led to Fabletics seeing a good and steady growth despite some setbacks in public relations and from growing too fast. Fabletics is now well on its way to success without the hiccups it had previously encountered at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wf2sndxN0js.

Highlights From Adam Goldenberg’s Interview On The National Retail Federation

Adam Goldenberg serves as Co-CEO of the parent Company JustFab Inc. It includes fashion brands such as Fabletics, Fab Kids and ShoeDazzle. Below are some highlights from his interview on the National Retail Federation about his business and life.

Mr. Goldenberg says that to continue growing JustFab needs to redefine what customer service is about. He says that the most unique experience of JustFab’s business model is that it is membership subscription based on nrf.com. Very few online fashion retailers have such a model and it has proven to be extremely effective when combined with other things such as vertical integration. Being web based, Adam says that his company’s idea of exceeding customer expectations is when a customer opens up a package and sees that the clothing is far better than they thought it would be.