Workout With Wengie

Running on a treadmill can cause one to feel as if they are stuck on a road to nowhere, mostly since it actually is a road that doesn’t carry you anywhere. That aside, dieting is one issue people lament more than anything, despite it being the number one resolution of people world wide. When dieting becomes a chore, it becomes a bore. Thus, broken resolutions are created.


Drop that cookie, Wengie has life hacks to help rid yourself of the muffin top faster than sprinkling jimmies on ice-cream. Simple hacks that can be done at anytime, anywhere without lifting the heavy weights of gym membership fees. Small tasks anyone can do for their body to become used to healthy living without it knowing. A sneaky way to incorporate healthy eating and exercise while avoiding the boredom of monotonous routine.


Several wonderful ways Wengie educates weight loss wanters is to show them tricks that have actually been studied by dieticians and scientists. As an example, Wengie explains how drinking a cold glass of water before every meal will help keep one from over-eating and gaining weight by giving the stomach a full feeling and helping speed up the metabolism. Studies proved one could lose four pounds more on average than a dieter who doesn’t drink water before a meal.


Colors play a role in the diet game, and Unicorn glitter haired Wengie knows something about color. Studies have proven that our minds can be tricked by the color of our plates. If the food and plate are similar in colors, our minds have a harder time seeing how much we have eaten. According to Wengie, use colors that are contrasting. Pasta with red sauce night? Then choose a green bowl or plate. Yellow foods look excellent with blue plates.


Chewing longer, turning down your thermostat a few degrees, more rest, these are just a few ways to speed up the weight loss process that even a truly lazy person can do. Hungry for more weight loss wonders? Then head over to YouTube and check out what other studies Wengie has tried that she can share with you.