The Power of Securus Technologies to Protect Officers

I can say with no uncertainly that working in a jail is the most dangerous job in the world. Each day, me and my fellow officers are outnumbered 4:1 by inmates who want nothing more than to hurt us for treating them like animals. My job is the jail is actually keeping those inmates safe from attack from each other, while keeping us safe in the process.


To limit the amount of violence in the jail, we do a good job of inspecting each person that comes in to visit the inmates. Although these visitors know that they are going to be arrested if caught trying to smuggle in contraband, yet they are willing to risk it many times to help their friends and family that are trapped in the jails. We also do several surprise inspections each day on the inmate cells, and as much as they feel this is an invasion of their privacy, we recover numerous items that could be used to hurt others.


When Securus Technologies installed the inmate phone system in the jail, little did we know we were going to discover perhaps the most powerful of all resources in our battle to stop the flow of weapons into the jail. I was trained to use the system and the LBS software, and it began to bear fruit instantly. Listening in on calls between inmates and family used to be a challenge because they could code their conversations. Now, I am able to hear chatter in a way like never before.


In the last month, I have recovered weapons that inmates referenced they were hiding in their cells, hiding in the yard, or making in the metal shop. These calls have also helped us to find which visitors are being told to bring contraband to the jail, and catching them before they even get in the jail.