The influence of Mikhail Blagosklonny in the success of oncortarget

Introducing Oncotarget

As an organization, Oncotarget has been focusing on availing different scientific journals to the public for their personal use. These journals are equally shared with various institutions of research to aid in developing the qualities of their research. With this focus, there has been a significant level of success over the past few years. There have been scanty of information in the understanding cancer and aging.


Contribution of Mikhail Blagosklonny

Having studied cancer and aging for a long time, Mikhail has come up with different findings on the topics that disturb the current researchers. These topics do not have a lot of information, and most of the researchers are struggling to look for them. Currently, the available research is very expensive. Some medical students have interest an in exploring these fields more. The fact that there is scanty of information derails their quality of research, and this demoralizes them. With the help of other editors, Mikhail has been in a position to avail these journals to the public.

The flexibility of Oncotarget

Since most researchers in the current medical practice are students, they do not have the capacity to buy the expensive journals. The scarcity of medical journals especially in the field of aging makes it hard for these students to get sufficient information. Other researchers have been equally struggling with getting the right journals to improve the quality of their research. Oncotarget has provided free journals on these topics to increase the scientific research. With the intention of giving the public the best of their information, the fact that the organization has offered free access to these journals has been beneficial. Visit his profile on Google Scholar.

The impact factor

As an individual, Mikhail Blagosklonny has reviewed over 270 papers, and he has been cited more than 30000 times. He has successfully contributed to the success of the organization since it was founded in 2010. With his editorial team, Blagosklonny has improved the face of the organization with a constant improvement of the impact factor. In 2011, the organization had an impact factor of 4.7. This figure has risen over the years consistently until the last year where it was 5.1. With their quality of their research, the impact factor is likely going to have a steady increase.