National Steel Car

The Achievement of Gregory Aziz at National Steel Car

National Steel Car is the North America’s number one manufacturer for railroad freight cars. The company opened its doors in the year 1912. Then, the company was owned by Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and six other investors from Hamilton. Upon opening the company, they named it the Imperial Car Company. However, one month after its opening, it was renamed to National Steel Car.

More than a century later, the company still leads in terms of quality excellence. As a proof of excellence, the company has received the TTX SECO award, year after year, for over a decade now. So, no one can refute the fact that this company is the best in the area. But, even as we go on praising the company, it is important that we acknowledge the force behind the company. And, that is, Gregory James Aziz.

Gregory J Aziz is the president, CEO and Chairman of National Steel Car. He joined the company in the year 1994 and has since then turned the company into one of the best in the world. His strategic decisions and winning strategies have been the reason that National Steel Car keeps on thriving.

To be such a prolific leader in his industry, James Aziz has had to build an education as well as career experience. He is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario where he graduated with a degree in Economics. The solid education background was what equipped him with the knowledge to begin a career in the business industry.

After he completed his education, Gregory Aziz, was employed at his family company, Affiliated Foods. For the next over 15 years, he worked really hard to ensure that the company grew to import fresh foods from Central and South America and Europe. Also, the company grew to be one of the largest fresh foods distributors in Eastern Canada and the US.

From the late eighties to the early nineties, Aziz worked really hard, in investment banking, and saved enough to allow him purchase National Steel Car from Dofasco. The purchase happened in the year 1994.

Again, James Aziz made National Steel Car achieve enormous growth in just five years. By the first half decade, his company had already expanded its operations from producing 3,500 cars on annual basis, to over 12,000 cars. Also, the employees had increased by over 2000.