Roberto Santiago, the Brazilian Mall Investor and Film Enthusiast.

As a writer of children and youth fiction books, Roberto Santiago is a determined television screenwriter who comes up with current themed plays that give lessons to the people who watch the programs. Brilliant as he is, the films that come out under his supervision receive a positive perception among the population. Parents are appreciative of his efforts in educating the young. His innovative mind always comes up with new ideas that set trends in the filming industry.

Roberto Santiago was born in 1968 and grew up as an industrious individual loving business. He has successfully constructed the Maniara Shopping Complex one of the ideas that was conceived in 1989 in Pariaba. The shopping complex is now the fashion center in Brazil with new extensions. It is the prominent shopping mall in Joao Pessoa, Brazil giving visitors unforgettable shopping experience with leisure activities. Tourists can indulge in fun fares and entertainment that suits all ages. Maniara Shopping Complex was launched in 2014 in an event that was aimed at enticing people who come from the North East. Next to the complex are modern beaches with magical sundowners.

The strategic location of the complex; at the center of large beaches in the North Coast City of Joao Pessoa has enabled the establishment gain customers constantly who are on holiday. The business has 280 stores using a space of 75,000 square meters. Shoppers can have a one stop shopping and come out of the complex having acquired all the things that they needed. Clients of all ages can be treated; parents can come with kids who can head to their arcade for entertainment. The adults will then proceed to do the crucial matters that need to be taken care of.

Parents who have time to spare can also pamper in entertainment. There are cinemas showing the latest movies in eleven rooms with new 3D screens. VIP treatment is guaranteed with rooms having Stadium Systems that are organized. There are bowling rooms for people who love bowling.

Gamers have a variety of things to choose from. There are many locations that can fit their age from kids to adults. Electronics have a cutting edge technology version and can support many kinds of games. When one is hungry, they can dine from many food spots and restaurants with Chefs who are among the best in Brazil like Espaco Gournet.

Educational centers and colleges hold plays and shows at the complex. This attracts students who take part and support their colleagues. All these advancements have opened up the town to the outside world and advanced technology not only at the facility but also to the locals who can now enjoy fast internet for their businesses. Other businesses have found confidence in investing there and created more jobs to the people living around the town.


Equities First Holdings UK

Find a lender that can be trusted with capital gains services. Equities First Holdings is a great choice that needs to be reviewed. Borrowers have come to trust the lender with a range of services. That has improved their standing and made them more competitive over time as well. Equities First Holdings will keep lenders on track towards making important deals. Their London office was founded back in 2002. That has given them a lot of clout when it comes to these borrowers.

Wait and see what moves Equities First Holdings will make next. The team has already established a presence in the United States and the United Kingdom. New offices are also being opened in Hong Kong and Singapore. That could give people a renewed outlook on their finances too. The lender will want to establish an international presence. People trust their vision for the future and have seen it work before now, and read full article.

Desiree Perez from New York and Both her Parents Always had her Back

The deal that Jay Z has with Live Nation is coming to an end. Live Nation wants to maintain a business relationship with Jay Z, but they are not interested in the record music part of it. Live Nation would like to continue to be involved in Jay Z’s tours because it is very profitable. Jay Z’s top executive, Desiree Perez, had a meeting with the chairman and CEO Of Universal Music Group, Sir Lucian Grainge. Rumors spread that UMG may buy a piece of Roc Nation. This may enable Jay Z to promote and develop new artists. Currently, there are no updates on any discussions taking place concerning the deal that is about to expire between Roc Nation and Live Nation.

Desiree Perez is from New York and both her parents always had her back. Desiree is the Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation. Desiree or Des, as she is known, plays many important parts in Roc Nation. She is involved in the labeling operations, management, and publishing of the company. Des is a more behind the scenes type of person and this has worked very well in her favor. She had a big hand in the deal with Rihanna and Samsung. Many deals would not have gone through if it were not for the role Des played in it.

Des has been an associate of Jay Z’s four about twenty years. She knows the music industry ropes very well. Des Perez has proven to the music industry that she is more than qualified for the position. She is great at crunching numbers and is an incredible negotiator. Desiree Perez has an extraordinary talent for helping business flourish and grow. She is a fierce woman that never gives up.

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Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases By Lifeline Screening

Despite the fact that there is a great advancement in technology and medical care in health facilities, cardiovascular diseases remain to be the leading cause of deaths in America. According to statistics, one out of four deaths in America is as a result of the heart and the blood vessels diseases. Luckily, Lifeline screening is dedicated to providing full range screening to patients to prevent emergency situations that can be life-threatening. Lifeline screening is a privately owned wellness company that focuses on cardiovascular screening for individuals throughout the world. It was founded in 1993, and it is located in Texas.

When you are preparing for lifeline screening, ensure that your dressing is comfortable and fit for the procedural tests. Usually, it is advisable to wear two pieces clothing that is somehow loose. For men, it is more appropriate to wear short-sleeved shirts. Consider leaving all jewelers at home as they can interfere with how the devices work. Also, do not apply oil or any lotion as it can interfere with some of the equipment. For the ladies, avoid wearing long stockings or pantyhose to enable easy accessibility of the screening parts. There are some tests such as bone density screening which are done to the lower limbs hence wearing comfortable socks, and a pair of shoe is required.


Lifeline screening performs their tests in painless procedures that ensure patients comfortability. The company gets detailed information from finger stick blood tests that enable them to detect many problems by use of small amount of blood. Some of the tests include ultrasounds, blood tests as well as EKGs which detect aneurysms, irregular heartbeats, and peripheral heart diseases. For some experiments, special preparations are undertaken to ensure accurate results. For example, when you want to undergo a complete lipid panel test, one is supposed to fast for eight hours before the test. An aortic aneurysm on the other hand requires four hours of fasting for the procedure to be effective.

Lifeline screening is of great benefit as people are now able to acquire a lifesaving medical treatment before a major cardiovascular problem occurs. This screening has enabled people to identify their problems as early as possible because symptoms of cardiovascular disease do not manifest immediately. This causes severe damage to the body without showing any sign that there is a problem. Lifeline screening has remained the leading in providing preventive tests throughout America, therefore, prolonging lives of patients whose problems have been identified early.

Organo Gold from Ancient China to today

Lingzhi was known as a mushroom for over 2000 Years, and its powerful effects are documented in scripts. The proliferation of Ganoderma lucidum pictures in art began in 1400 AD, and they are connected with Taoism. But, Ganoderma lucidum graphics extended beyond religion and has been seen in paintings, carvings, furniture, and even women’s accessories. The very first book wholly devoted to the description of herbs and their medicinal value was written by Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing during the Eastern Han dynasty of China (25-220 AD). It describes mineral substances, zoological, and botanical remedies, and was composed under the pseudonym of Shen-nong in the second century. The book has been improved and updated throughout the years since its inception. It describes the favorable effects of many mushrooms using a reference to the medicinal mushroom Ganoderma lucidum. This book has been regarded as the primary pharmacopoeia in China. The mushroom was attributed with therapeutic properties, such as tonifying effects, enhancing critical energy, strengthening vascular function, increasing memory, and antiaging effects. Ganoderma lucidum functions to replenish Qi, relieve the mind, and reduce coughing for those with asthma, and it’s advised for dizziness, insomnia, palpitation, and shortness of breath.
In a recent study conducted in America, over 185,000 Americans discovered that when they drank coffee they felt the sense of having improved health and longer life. This makes sense. Coffee has been shown to lower the risk of death from kidney failure, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes across multiple ethnicities.

Organo Gold takes full advantage of both these properties. They have combined the herbal remedy, ganoderma mushrooms, and, American favorite, coffee to create a powerhouse health elixir. Their facility is completely organic to maintain the ancient traditions. Their premium coffee and green tea are infused with the ganoderma mushroom for maximum health benefits.

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