Rocketship Education: A Star Among Educators

A new Charter school is pumping out a generation of Rocketeers. These rocketeers may all make it to space but they will reach new heights thanks in large part to their excellent early education. Although this seems confusing at first glance, it is actually great news for under served communities across the county. For far too long these impoverished communities have suffered from a cookie cutter system that fails to respond to the difficult challenges faced by these communities. This approach in part has led to a staggering achievement gap among these communities. This gap is the result of many students being robbed of the education they are owed.

This is a disaster that charter schools such as Rocketship Education wish to put an end to. Rocketship Education is a unique nonprofit established in 2006. From its inception, this collective has made it clear to the world that they plan to eliminate the achievement gap in our lifetime. They refer to their students as rocketeers and encourage them to do the same. This nickname reminds students of their school’s core motivation, to see every student reach new heights. They understand that such a lofty goal is not easily won but Rocketship Education has made it clear they are in it for the long haul. Since their relatively recent establishment, they have grown to manage 20 schools in three states.

This program is not another bloated school system however, they utilize a personalized touch in all that they do. Before every new school year, teachers meet with student’s families in their home. They are encouraged to get to know one another as they will be a team for the next year. As a team, they pinpoint areas that the Child most needs work as well as their optimal method of learning. During these meeting, instructors get a comprehensive idea of what the student’s needs are before the school year begins. After classes start teachers and parents remain in contact so that they can continue the team effort of immersing children in their studies in a meaningful way. Through taking the time to learn how students learn best Rocketship Education believes that they can ensure Rocketeers reach the stars.