Clay Siegall And His Company Seattle Genetics Are Working To Change The Way That Cancer Is Treated

Clay Siegall has been working in the biotech industry for many years, and he helped to co-found the company, Seattle Genetics. He helped to put the company together because of his strong interest in medicine and his belief in the power of technology. It was during his days at the University of Maryland that he found he had an interest in cancer while he was working on a Zoology degree. When he saw how bad chemotherapy effected a family member who had cancer, he realized he wanted to do something about the way that cancer was treated. Once he realized he could tie together his passion for helping people who had cancer with a business model that could help him to earn a steady living, he began to work on the beginnings of Seattle Genetics. He attributes the early success of the company with to the dynamic sales team behind it that was able to get it off of the ground even though the product was good enough to sell itself.

Clay Siegall is the co-founder, President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board for Seattle Genetics. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge as a trained scientist who focused in on therapies for cancer, and he also has a tremendous passion for being a positive part of patients’ lives. Siegall was the reason why the company was able to get FDA approval for for ADCETRIS, which was its original ADC product. ADCETRIS has now become a worldwide brand through a partnership with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company.

Clay Siegall is also a large part of the reason why Seattle Genetic’s ADC technology has been able to enter a spread of strategic licenses. They have worked with Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Genentech, and AbbVie and have produced over $350 million so far. Siegall also guided Seattle Genetics with its efforts to raise money and has helped the company obtain private and public financing to the tune of over $1.2 billion. He attended the University of Maryland where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Zoology and went on to study at George Washington University where he received his PhD in Genetics.

Sussex Healthcare, Now Hiring

Sussex Healthcare is an organization that is located in the United Kingdom. They are a growing organization that specializes in Elder Care and Adult Care for patients with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Diabetes, Heart Diseases and Audiology services. Perhaps, you’ve thought about starting a career in the healthcare field. The fact is that there is a growing need for more people to fill the staff positions at healthcare organizations like Sussex Healthcare. If you are interested in starting a healthcare career at Sussex Healthcare, now is the perfect time to join their team because they are now actively hiring new people to fill numerous positions.

About Sussex Healthcare
Sussex is a Healthcare organization that likes to recruit smart people that are interested in reaching their full potential. They strongly believe in investing time, money, and training in those intelligent individuals too by providing education and the training that is required to handle all the daily tasks involved with their job. Sussex Healthcare also provides their staff with a number of benefits. For example, workers at the organization receive pensions, free uniforms, bus service, reduced rate accommodations, and in-house training. Entry level candidates receive the in house training along with those that would like to advance their skills.


Sussex Healthcare Now Hiring
Now, is a wonderful time to seek employment with Sussex Healthcare. The organization has a wide variety of job openings available for interested candidates. Get started by signing up at the Sussex Healthcare website. Sign up to receive first notice about their latest job openings and updates about the Sussex Healthcare organization. Share all those job openings and updates with family, friends, and your favorite social media sites. Here are a few of the current job openings available.

Administrator – Assist Home Manager
Dental Receptionist – Receptionsit and Administrative Duties
Registered Mental Health Nurse – Deliver Professional Care To Patients
Care Assistant – Personal Care Of Patients
Activity Assistant – Cordination Of Group Activities

About Sussex Healthcare
Sussex Healthcare is composed of a group of homes that have been providing care to people in Sussex for 25 years. The organizations specializes in caring for patients with Dementia, Elder Care, Learning Disabilities, Major Health Concerns, and more. Recently, the organization announced that their new chief executive was Amanda Morgan-Taylor and she is already heavily involved with the organization and the services provided.

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Bob Reina Embraces Newest Talk Fusion Advancements.

The technological world is always changing and that is due in large part to the work of companies like Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion, created by Bob Reina, is a video marketing company that focuses on bridging the gap between communication and clientele. Talk Fusion has been in operation for over a decade now, producing game-changing video marketing software to help companies hit their next level. Bob Reina, a former Sheriff’s Deputy, has led the team through every step of the process and now he is introducing the most exciting new piece of software in Talk Fusion’s toolbox yet: Live Meetings.


The Live Meetings video marketing application was developed by Bob Reina and CTO Ryan Page in order to help outgoing-video conference calls on a massive scale. Through the Live Meetings application, companies can have up to 15 hosts send out video to roughly 500 viewers at a time. The application was developed with WebRTC technology and as a result, it looks like it will be more effective, efficient, and capable than many other modern alternatives.


The Live Meetings conferencing software isn’t the first piece of software to benefit from Talk Fusion’s renewed attention to WebRTC technology, but it certainly looks like it may be the most effective yet. Thanks to WebRTC structuring, Live Meetings is accessible across all platforms with just the click of a link. No longer are companies and consumers beholden to downloading plugins or buying expensive software in order to use the program. Simply receive the link from the company, press the button, and you are inside of the web conferencing.


WebRTC technology is looking to do for the industry what Talk Fusion has done for the rest of the video marketing world. Talk Fusion’s success developing video marketing software has been almost unrivaled within the industry and now they’ll have another chance to be on full display. Learn more:


Bob Reina and Talk FUsion are coming into the new year with their sights set on more innovation. Last year, Talk Fusion raked in several prestigious industry awards for their work on the Video Chat application. Now, Talk Fusion and Bob Reina are looking to make another big move and they are inviting people along for the ride. Bob Reina recently opened up Talk Fusion University which serves to help train potential associates who want to work with and sell Talk Fusion marketing tools. Consumers impressed by the Live Meetings software will no doubt want to get involved.