Do you know DOJO? Keeping Connected

In recent years, Class DoJo has leapt into the school scene. What is this you ask? Class DoJo is a communications platform that is used to keep parents, teachers, and students in the know with what goes on in the classroom on a day to day basis. Founded in 2011, currently Class DoJo is actively used across the Unites States by teachers in 85,000 schools, ranging from private and chartered schools to some of the largest public schools in the country. It is mostly used in elementary or middle school settings.

Class DoJo is a means for the teacher to share updates to lesson plans, send out reminders, share pictures they have taken, and much more. Its user growth is likened to that of a social network or messaging platform such as Facebook or Snaptchat, yet it is an app built for the purpose of bettering education.

Class DoJo is an amazing tool for the parents. It allows for positive communication between the parents and the teacher.

For teachers, it builds a community around the world and allows them to brainstorm fresh and new ideas to use in the classrooms.

For the students, using Class DoJo allows them to track their progress, learning how to take responsibilities and opens communication for learning about empathy and teamwork.


Founders say in the future it would like to see Class DoJo continue to grow including capabilities to custom yearbooks, lesson plans, or other articles for students to use at home as well as the capability to pay the schools via their phones for things such as school lunch, field trips, or even school supplies.


Overall, Class DoJo is an amazing user friendly app to be used to empower and enrich the communication between teachers, students and their parents. So if you didn’t know, now you know, Class DoJo is the way to go.