Richard Dewayne Blair Three Pillars

Living life without a clear plan in most places leads to chaos. One area that people tend to lack a plan is in their finances. Richard Dewayne Blair founder of Wealth Solutions has dedicated his career to making sure that people have an idea for retirement. Waiting until retirement is upon you to start trying to plan turns out to be a failure. Proper planning will ensure that one is able to live a comfortable life. He serves the Austin, Texas community and surrounding areas. He has been very successful in his career by implementing strategies that allow him to do business in a way that incorporates the things that he loves.

Richard Dewayne Blair grew up around teachers, so the bases he is planning strategies on guiding his clients as if they were his students. He does business with the three pillar system. Everyone is not in the same situation. A struggle that one person may have may not be the same struggle as someone else. He makes sure that he develops different ways to help his customer through the three pillar system. The first pillar of the three pillar system allows Blair to evaluate the situation that his client is currently in. He not only looks at their situation he looks at how he can help them to better the condition that they are in. Their strengths, weaknesses, failures, and triumphs are looked at in this stage. He has to see their current reality before he is able to do anything else for them. The second pillar is where he began to put a plan in place to make sure that his client is ready to be successful. He has already seen what the lack so he starts to set them up for success. In the third pillar, Richard Dewayne Blair manages the account of his client to make sure that they a progressing and not failing. If he sees that they are going backward instead of forward he makes changes to the plan to ensure that his clients are successful. He understands that people may need assistance.


Alex Pall And The Chainsmokers Find Their Voice

The DJ duo known as the Chainsmokers have already made waves in the music industry with hit singles like “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down”. These songs, as is common for DJ’s, featured the words and voices of other artists. Now, with their smash, new track “Closer”, the duo is taking a role front and center, joining Halsey on the vocals.


This change came about from a shared desire by both members, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, to bring a personal touch to their work. They each have something to say and are ready to say it. For the duo, this isn’t just about finding their voice, but about finding a voice for dance music in general. It is a genre not often known for introspection and depth, and the Chainsmokers are aiming to change that.


For Pall, who used to spend his days working at an Art Gallery, his work as a DJ was only a childhood hobby, until he realized how much this industry he was playing around in had given him a sense of purpose and self. Pall was already in New York, and it was through his manager that he teamed up with Taggart, quit his day job, and the rest is, as they say, history.


The two guys hit it off immediately, bonding over a shared love of music and an ambition to share that love with a wider audience. To this day, their evolution and music has all been born out of an ongoing series of conversations about life, music, and art. For Pall, this means continuing to push the music into new areas and new sounds.


The idea to take lead vocals seems obvious to Pall. He and Taggart were already writing lyrics for the music they were producing. Singing their own words was a logical step, and for Pall, teaming up with Halsey to take that step didn’t require much thought. Her sense of artistry and vocal prowess felt like a perfect combination.


Pall’s goal as the Chainsmoker’s fame grows, is to keep pushing the limits of their music and their visual style, always bringing something new to their fans and themselves.

Malcolm Casselle: A Brief overlook

As the world begins to lean heavier and heavier on technology it is not surprising that we would naturally move our currency in that direction. Cryptocurrency has become very common and shook the markets placed with its shocking demonstration of how high its value can rise. Investors are still seeking out bitcoins as a form of investment, however, the technology is still very new and holds as much controversy as it does potential value. The company that brought us that coin is bringing on yet another way for consumers to engage in e-commerce. This technology is as fascinating as it is necessary for the longevity of e-commerce. OPSkins is an industry leader when it comes to virtual assets. They have run into some limitations in furthering their central role in this marketplace. The biggest problem in treating virtual assets is the problem of fraud and fragmentation. They hope that a new blockchain platform will change the virtual marketplace into a significantly easier place to trade.

The CIO of OPSkins is Malcolm CasSelle. CasSelle is also the president of the worldwide asset exchange. Previously he has also served as CTO at what was previously known as tribune publishing. CasSelle often engages in a pattern of investment in the future. In addition to working at other technology-based companies, he has also invested in companies like Facebook and big data and blockchain enter goals. Malcolm also cofounded PCCW, he is credited with raising billions towards this company’s growth. Always a champion of higher education Malcolm has two degrees. One degree in computer science is from MIT and the other is from Stanford University. He is also trilingual. He fluently speaks Mandarin as well is Japanese.

Among his peers, Malcolm has a reputation for being a dynamic and thoughtful individual. He has a knack for being on the cutting edge of technology. A lot of his work involves exploring international markets. Particularly the markets of Asia. The company that he helped found is located in China where it has not only chiseled out a foothold but became a major player in that market.

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Vinod Gupta Works With Business Data Marketing

Vinod Gupta currently is a managing partner at Everest Group which has bought up many different companies over the years and many of them include business information databases. Gupta has been one of the pioneers in big business data marketing and has put it to use helping companies form business-to-business relationships over the years. He has also traveled around a lot both for business and charity work and at one time was considered for an ambassador position by President Clinton’s administration. But it took years of hard work to achieve his status.

Vinod Gupta knows what it’s like to grow up in areas that have no electricity or running water because he lived in such an area at one point in India. But he didn’t let that stop him from studying hard at school and attending a technical college with the hopes of one day following his dreams. With the help of his family and friends, Gupta was able to get to the US and get his master’s degree at the University of Nebraska. After completing that, he took a job at mobile home manufacturer Commodore Corporation where he reached out to mobile home dealers in marketing. It was while doing this that he realized mobile home dealer listings needed to be updated and that the demand for national listings was quite high.

Vinod Gupta built his first business listings database by compiling it after ordering thousands of yellow page phone books. He sold the initial list to Commodore Corporation but then took his own capital and began American Business Listings. The company gathered in many new clients and soon was increasing its sales into the thousands and millions. Gupta had the name changed several times to InfoGroup and InfoUSA before selling it off in 2010 for over $300 million. By that time it was running a full server database that was using data gathering mechanisms before Google was even around. Gupta then started several foundations to help his homeland of India including a female polytechnic school.

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Jeff Herman Empowering Victims

Jeff Herman is a perceived lawyer a promoter and for casualties of sexual mishandle, assault and sexual abuse. The trailblazing lawyer is noted for uncovering the pastorate sexual mishandle embarrassment in the Miami Archdiocese and wards around the nation. He won a point of interest $100 million decision for the benefit of a customer who was sexually manhandled by a cleric in 2011. Outside the court, the lawyer keeps on sparkling the light on sexual mishandle. Herman has been perceived for his remarkable kid measurable talking strategy, and he prepares experts from different youngster welfare associations on helping sexually manhandled kids recuperate through revelation.

Herman Law is a full-benefit law office with an exceptional investigative unit, a lot of assets set in client mind, due persistence and dealing with touchy cases with the most extreme regard. We are pleased to offer meetings at no cost, and we never gather charges except if we win matters. Accordingly, Herman Law gathers charges after achieving a fruitful settlement or decision, putting trust in our lawyers to keep the firm useful. At the zenith of a family’s trouble, we try to summon a feeling of certainty with our customers, and we find that this interior certainty breeds customer confidence, trust, and comprehension of our entire steadfastness to serving their requirements entirely.

Notably, Jeff Herman went up against the instance of a young man who was sexually manhandled and had endeavored suicide at a youthful age. He has no confidence in his school, and his experience profoundly affected his self-esteem, certainty, and trust. Through discussions, he started to feel more esteemed and confident and that I trusted him, tuned in to him, and urged him to recapture his life. In the end, the preliminary brought about the support of the kid’s family, however more essential than a court triumph was the idea of positive change this yielded. The kid has discovered a feeling of having a place, is currently flourishing in school and trust, and includes certainty inside his locale. As their attorney, I’m a voice to bring back that control, yet so are every one of these individuals we see approach the media.

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CFO Mike Burwell: Who He Is And What His Values Are

Michael Burwell believes in quite a few things, but one of the main things in which he believes is listening.The Chief Financial Officer says that we can all learn so many amazing new things if we simply take the time to listen.He even feels that listening could reveal to you the next extravagant world-changing and bank account-building business idea.However, although everyone should receive your ear, not everyone’s idea should receive your approval.Although it is often unpopular to say “no” and to disagree with the majority, Michael Burwell says that doing so is often necessary.He recalls a time when he had to say “no” to a technology into which he and others were investing time, energy, and millions of dollars.


The CPA says that he began examining market trends and, after doing so, decided that it was wise to put the technology on the backburner.This was a very unpopular decision and still is. However, Burwell stands by the choice he made because his 31 years of experience in the financial services industry has given him the expertise to know when to move forward with something and when to back out.


The CFO also believes in being productive.


His productivity begins at 5am, when he awakes and spends some time on his Peloton bike.Mike always tries to ride a Peloton bike in the morning, even if he has to go out and find one.While on his bike, Mike brainstorms ways that will allow him to complete the day’s tasks in the most productive ways.Often, he resorts to technology to help him accomplish the day’s goals.


A huge fan of apps, he uses many for work and often shares with colleagues and family the apps that have made a positive difference in his life.He even asks others which apps work well for them in an effort to glean tips whenever he can.


Mike Burwell is a CPA who obtained a business degree from the University of Michigan. He has over 31 years of financial expertise, gaining this work history at Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP.


Michael Burwell held many high positions at PwC before moving on to Willis Towers Watson to replace Roger Millay as the company’s Chief Financial Officer. Burwell and others, including WTW’s Chief Executive Officer, John Haley, are excited to have him on board and have much confidence in Burwell’s ability to help take WTW even higher.


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