Malcolm Casselle: A Brief overlook

As the world begins to lean heavier and heavier on technology it is not surprising that we would naturally move our currency in that direction. Cryptocurrency has become very common and shook the markets placed with its shocking demonstration of how high its value can rise. Investors are still seeking out bitcoins as a form of investment, however, the technology is still very new and holds as much controversy as it does potential value. The company that brought us that coin is bringing on yet another way for consumers to engage in e-commerce. This technology is as fascinating as it is necessary for the longevity of e-commerce. OPSkins is an industry leader when it comes to virtual assets. They have run into some limitations in furthering their central role in this marketplace. The biggest problem in treating virtual assets is the problem of fraud and fragmentation. They hope that a new blockchain platform will change the virtual marketplace into a significantly easier place to trade.

The CIO of OPSkins is Malcolm CasSelle. CasSelle is also the president of the worldwide asset exchange. Previously he has also served as CTO at what was previously known as tribune publishing. CasSelle often engages in a pattern of investment in the future. In addition to working at other technology-based companies, he has also invested in companies like Facebook and big data and blockchain enter goals. Malcolm also cofounded PCCW, he is credited with raising billions towards this company’s growth. Always a champion of higher education Malcolm has two degrees. One degree in computer science is from MIT and the other is from Stanford University. He is also trilingual. He fluently speaks Mandarin as well is Japanese.

Among his peers, Malcolm has a reputation for being a dynamic and thoughtful individual. He has a knack for being on the cutting edge of technology. A lot of his work involves exploring international markets. Particularly the markets of Asia. The company that he helped found is located in China where it has not only chiseled out a foothold but became a major player in that market.

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