Richard Dewayne Blair Three Pillars

Living life without a clear plan in most places leads to chaos. One area that people tend to lack a plan is in their finances. Richard Dewayne Blair founder of Wealth Solutions has dedicated his career to making sure that people have an idea for retirement. Waiting until retirement is upon you to start trying to plan turns out to be a failure. Proper planning will ensure that one is able to live a comfortable life. He serves the Austin, Texas community and surrounding areas. He has been very successful in his career by implementing strategies that allow him to do business in a way that incorporates the things that he loves.

Richard Dewayne Blair grew up around teachers, so the bases he is planning strategies on guiding his clients as if they were his students. He does business with the three pillar system. Everyone is not in the same situation. A struggle that one person may have may not be the same struggle as someone else. He makes sure that he develops different ways to help his customer through the three pillar system. The first pillar of the three pillar system allows Blair to evaluate the situation that his client is currently in. He not only looks at their situation he looks at how he can help them to better the condition that they are in. Their strengths, weaknesses, failures, and triumphs are looked at in this stage. He has to see their current reality before he is able to do anything else for them. The second pillar is where he began to put a plan in place to make sure that his client is ready to be successful. He has already seen what the lack so he starts to set them up for success. In the third pillar, Richard Dewayne Blair manages the account of his client to make sure that they a progressing and not failing. If he sees that they are going backward instead of forward he makes changes to the plan to ensure that his clients are successful. He understands that people may need assistance.