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New Residential Investment Corp. is one of the staple names in the investment management industry when it comes to residential investments. One of the focus investments of New Residential Investment Corp. is Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights. These kinds of investments dominate a third of their major investments in the company’s portfolio. Excess Mortgage Service is the amount of money left, or the percentage of cash flow that remains after the funds have been divided into principal payments. Mortgage Servicing Rights are assets that transfer the service portfolio from the individual to the manager – when rights are transferred, the investment manager can act as the controller of the funds, so the manager can distribute and collect payments.

Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights are very visible in the market, and there are about $10 trillion dollars worth of investment opportunities that are available in the market. Currently, majority of Mortgage Servicing Rights are held by banks, but New Residential Investment Corp. foresees that this percentage will decline in the near future because of heightened capital reserve requirements. As banks sell their rights to private companies, there are more opportunities opening for private firms like New Residential Investment Corp., and the opportunity to co-invest in Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights can be held by the company.

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Sunday Riley Celebrates The Release Of “Captain Marvel”

The release of any blockbuster movie from Marvel Studios is usually a time for excitement and anticipation, but fans of cosmetics giant Sunday Riley will have double the cause for celebration. Brie Larson’s “Captain Marvel” has entered into a promotional tie-in with the Texas-based cosmetics company to see the packaging of the “Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment” celebrate the movie’s release. The excellent serum within remains the same but the arrival of Marvel inspired packaging is causing excitement to grow for consumers.

The “Good Genes” treatment has been a best-seller for Sunday Riley since it was released and should remain so after its benefits were marked as excellent by many beauty experts. Among the benefits seen by consumers using the lactic acid-based treatment are a smoother complexion and glowing skin. Knowing the success and respect the treatment has already found around the U.S., Sunday Riley has chosen to leave the formula the same but add the Captain Marvel crest to the label on the bottle and on the packaging box.

Born in Texas, Sunday Riley has become a popular brand for consumers across the U.S. who have appreciated the shifting focus of the cosmetics brand to the inclusion of new ingredients. Including lactic acid has created an effective exfoliant which removes and dissolves the dead skin cells found on the face to reveal a brighter, glowing complexion.

The beauty experts at Sunday Riley are always looking for the most effective ways of bringing natural ingredients into their products with the fashionable Matcha Tea the latest ingredient to fall under the Sunday Riley microscope. Matcha Tea is one of the world’s most effective antioxidants with a high caffeine content to boot. Other impressive superfoods included in the range from Sunday Riley include avocado, which has recently been included in the recent release of the Luna Night Oil which has received positive reviews from reviewers. The inclusion of superfoods with a line associated with a superhero shows just how impressive Sunday Riley has become in a short lifespan.

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Glenn Schlossberg leads Jump Design Group in Acquiring Cathy Daniels

Glenn Schlossberg is the founding father and the principal of Jump Design Group. He has managed to initiate significant changes and innovation in the fashion sector since he launched a company known as the Jump Apparel. Glenn Schlossberg has embraced the core tenants of modern fashion and also believes that each role he plays in the firm is of paramount importance. He is proud of the fact that his management team is able to work as a team in designing, producing, and delivering quality goods to the organization’s clients.

Schlossberg developed interests in the fashion industry as a passion and part of the family business. He started by working in their family business and at the same time schooling at the Fashion Institute of Technology which was based in New York. This motivated Glenn Schlossberg to start his firm which he called Jump which aimed at producing high-quality goods in the most cost-effective ways thus giving him a competitive advantage over his rivals.

Under Glenn Schlossberg leadership, Jump has succeeded in manufacturing, designing, and logistics in various areas such as New York, New Jersey and other parts of the world. It has also joined the e-commerce retail firms globally such as Nordstrom and Zappos. Jump Design Group has also acquired Cathy Daniels which is a sportswear producing company. The firm took over all the assets that belonged to Cathy Daniels but retained its management team. The president of Cathy Daniel is expected to run the department of business development as a subsidiary of Jump Design Group. Learn more about him on

Jump Design Group also highlighted that it’s not trying to sabotage organizations that are not performing well in the market but all it is doing is trying to acquire various firms with a viable business portfolio. They would incorporate their strategies in running these firms with the main aim of re-establishing their dominance in the market. The management of Cathy Daniels expressed their satisfaction that they have left a legacy by making sure that Cathy Daniels will have a chance to continue operating under the new leadership of Jump Design Group. Visit his Facebook page.



Michael Nierenberg’s profile

Talent or hard work? With Michael Nierenberg, it is hard to draw a line on which of the two has gotten him to where he is now. Michael is currently the Fortress managing director, the president and also Chief Executive Officer of New Residential Investment Corp; a mortgage company that focuses majorly on residential mortgages. Michael Nierenberg has previously held top leadership positions in several financial institutions and companies including the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns, JP Morgan and Lehman brothers all in which he contributed significantly in the departments he was in charge of. In Lehman brothers, for example, Nierenberg is responsible for the growth in the adjustable mortgage rates of the company during the seven years he worked in the company.

His career journey

Michael Nierenberg worked at Lehman Brothers for seven years during, a period in which he played a great role in growing the company’s adjustable mortgage rates. He then moved to Bear Stearns, and in this particular company, Michael worked for fourteen years during which he held a number of top leadership positions namely; co-head of mortgage-backed securities trading, structured products, the head of foreign exchange and interest rates.

Mr. Nierenberg also managed to become a board member at Bear for two years. JP Morgan was his next place of work after Bear Stearns, and here he headed the Global Securitized Products department aside from being one of the members of JP’s management committee. From JP Morgan, Michael Nierenberg joined the bank of America Merrill Lynch where he held the position of managing director and the head of securitized products and global mortgages. It is after leaving the bank of America Merrill Lynch that he was appointed as the president and CEO of New Residential following which he was appointed as chairman of New Residential’s board owing to his vast experience in investment and mortgage matters.

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