Sunday Riley Celebrates The Release Of “Captain Marvel”

The release of any blockbuster movie from Marvel Studios is usually a time for excitement and anticipation, but fans of cosmetics giant Sunday Riley will have double the cause for celebration. Brie Larson’s “Captain Marvel” has entered into a promotional tie-in with the Texas-based cosmetics company to see the packaging of the “Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment” celebrate the movie’s release. The excellent serum within remains the same but the arrival of Marvel inspired packaging is causing excitement to grow for consumers.

The “Good Genes” treatment has been a best-seller for Sunday Riley since it was released and should remain so after its benefits were marked as excellent by many beauty experts. Among the benefits seen by consumers using the lactic acid-based treatment are a smoother complexion and glowing skin. Knowing the success and respect the treatment has already found around the U.S., Sunday Riley has chosen to leave the formula the same but add the Captain Marvel crest to the label on the bottle and on the packaging box.

Born in Texas, Sunday Riley has become a popular brand for consumers across the U.S. who have appreciated the shifting focus of the cosmetics brand to the inclusion of new ingredients. Including lactic acid has created an effective exfoliant which removes and dissolves the dead skin cells found on the face to reveal a brighter, glowing complexion.

The beauty experts at Sunday Riley are always looking for the most effective ways of bringing natural ingredients into their products with the fashionable Matcha Tea the latest ingredient to fall under the Sunday Riley microscope. Matcha Tea is one of the world’s most effective antioxidants with a high caffeine content to boot. Other impressive superfoods included in the range from Sunday Riley include avocado, which has recently been included in the recent release of the Luna Night Oil which has received positive reviews from reviewers. The inclusion of superfoods with a line associated with a superhero shows just how impressive Sunday Riley has become in a short lifespan.

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