Dick DeVos: From Leading A Company To Philanthropy

Dick DeVos is a man of many talents. Since a young age, he was groomed to one day take over the multinational corporation that his father had built. He had to work hard to learn the nuances of the company and keep up with the growth that it was experiencing. While he ultimately rose to be the CEO of the company, it was not the only thing that he was interested in. DeVos had also become one of the more well-known names when it came to politics within the state of Michigan owning to his involvement within it. He actively worked for the betterment of the people living within the state and wanted to bring about positive change within society.



In the nineties, DeVos had the most participation within Michigan political spheres when he started to run for office. Even though he was unsuccessful in attaining this position, he became a well-known figure within this sector. Over time, his contribution to the state only grew, making him one of the more notable names here.



While his wife Betsy DeVos was the one holding office with her position of Education Secretary, Dick DeVos also attained a position within the administration. DeVos was offered a position within the civilian panel overseeing the Federal Aviation Administration. He was part of a thirteen-member committee that worked to oversee matters of management within the organization, as well as the different facets of the planning that was being carried out. His role was indeed important within the committee, and something that contributed in a positive manner to the upliftment of the entire organization. As part of the duties, the committee is required to meet once every four months to oversee the work that the organization has carried out.



The involvement with the Federal Aviation Administration comes as no surprise, especially because of the important role that DeVos has played in aviation reform. While living in the state of Michigan, DeVos had worked to improve the state of the Michigan Airport, particularly the one located within the city of Grand Rapids. This simple idea changed the manner in which air transport worked within the state of Michigan and made the airport stand as one of the best in the country.



The contribution that DeVos had in this regard was incredible, which is also why he was seen as a perfect candidate for the Federal Aviation Administration.



While it may seem like DeVos has his hands full with politics and his company, he still makes time for the philanthropic work that he likes to do. DeVos has contributed immensely to various development projects and has started his own organization to help him do the same. Education is one of the main focuses of the organization and something that DeVos has worked hard to improve.


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Sussex Healthcare: Service to the Residents is Given the Top Priority

Sussex Healthcare knows the value of its customers. The individuals who have been brought into this company so that they can receive healthcare are treated so well, regardless of the conditions they are suffering from. The services of the healthcare facility are not notch, and they are also given at low costs. In the recent months, Sussex Healthcare has been quite busy so that it can meet the demands of its customers. The top management attributes its achievements to the decisions the founders of the company have been making to safeguard the reputation of the institution. The company recent records show that they have been keen on introducing new members of staff, introducing modern and effective company cultures and even using a better approach when speaking to the customers and other stakeholders. The approach that has been used by the company has made customers to always be happy. The food, healthcare services and any other activity carried out in the company is done with so much skill so that the elderly members do not have to complain. Visit SHC Audiology to know more.

Martin Hill is currently holding the position of regional operations director. At Sussex Healthcare, Martin Hill has remained very committed, giving his best to make sure that no single complaint is registered by the residents. Martin is still a new face in this healthcare company, and he is always respected for having so much experience in the healthcare industry. Before he could join Sussex Healthcare, Martin Hill had already served in a company called Rapkyns, and he has so much passion when it comes to taking care of the individuals who seek the services of healthcare companies such as Sussex Healthcare. Martin Hill resume indicates that he has been working in the social care department in the past fifteen years. The experienced professional started to work in this industry by working as a support worker. With time, he proved that he was worthy of the services he was giving, and this helped him get the position of regional operations director. This executive is very passionate about his job, and he enjoys serving the individuals who visit the healthcare facility.

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What is Mike Neirenberg’s take on Mortgage Servicing Rights?

For the last couple of years, mortgage servicing rights have received great support from different quarters. Mike Nierenberg is one of the key players in the mortgage market who has championed the investment potential of MSRs. The CEO and President of New Residential Investment Corp. believes that these rights hold a lot of promise for anyone willing to bank on them.

Mike Nierenberg is well known for his contributions to the market. His novel ideas have earned him admiration and praise from friends and foes alike. He has shown no signs of scaling down on his efforts as he works to leave a legacy in the industry.

The residential mortgage loan investment market holds a lot of promise for different market players who can leverage on the numerous opportunities available. Undervalued assets are proving to be a worthwhile venture according to Mike Nierenberg. Shrewd investment managers who can identify them on a regular basis stand a chance of reaping big.

Mike Nierenberg believes that MSRs fall squarely in this category of specialized assets. It is no wonder that New Residential Investment Corp. spent well over $114 billion in 2018 to acquire them. With strong business relationships and enough capital, firms can make the most of the benefits of mortgage servicing rights.

Mike Nierenberg however insists that one should be well-versed with both the pros and cons of the assets before opting to invest in them. Their impressive cash flow opportunities and the provision of scaling up are top on the pros list. The greatest downside is the need for critical business partnerships with potential sellers to enjoy all the gains on offer.

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Career achievements of Ashley Lightspeed

Ashley Lightspeed holds great expertise in the field of investments. She has played many roles in the industry and her career has always been inspired by her father. Though he was an architect, Ashley has lived to admire his hard work and dedication towards his career. Over time, she has always striven to emulate his behavior and commitment. Though she did not turn out to be an architect, the duo has learnt to incorporate the concepts of architecture in her online based career. She relies on the diverse knowledge she acquired from her father to overcome challenges in her endeavors. Ashley believes that she will architect the field of business into a great design that she prefers. To learn more about Ashley lightspeed view her Crunchbase profile

The innovative nature of Ashley Lightspeed has seen her bring many developments in the various firms she has served. She always strives to come up with inventive ideas so as to eliminate the issues of the traditional methods of operations in businesses, which have today proved to be slow and less productive. The duo believes that the ability of people to share ideas and bring them to live in todays work has ensured that firms grow tremendously through the increase in their total production.

On the other hand, Ashley Lightspeed also believes that behavior of many people at work has been impacted by the use of todays technology. She believes that the various footage cameras that have been planted in companies has played a key role in helping business owners monitor the way in which their employees conduct themselves at the work place. As a result, efficiency has been promoted and firm owners have continued to accomplish most of their objectives.

Additionally, the successful investor also believes that flexibility has been promoted in firms due to the modern trends in the market. She believes that flexibility is vital for every entrepreneur that ought to succeed. Check out: https://lsvp.com/team/ashley-brasier/


Actuarial and Finance Expert, Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry, has a commendable experience in the finance sector having worked in a number of prominent companies in financial investments. For the preparation of his career, he studied actuarial mathematics in the University of Heriot Watt in Scotland. This prepared him for the explanation of complex fiancé strategies that are commonly used today. Through his understanding in solving complex actuarial problems, he has been able to manage his own firm in raising of assets and public relations. Gareth Henry made a number of partnerships with other investors in developing of assets and investment funds. In a recent interview he talked about the ways of advancing and diversifying your business portfolio.

Additionally, Gareth worked at Fortress in USA for several years before joining Angelo, Gordon & Co where he gained his experience in the finance business. Gareth Henry works at a major investment firm as the managing director of operations based in New York. The company is one of the leading companies in universal provision of alternative in investments. He engaged in real estate and capitalization of finance through investments. Through his experience in the management of assets, he gained a recognition worldwide hence attracted a number of investors in his company. Upon his recognition, he has had involvement in larger markets in other countries abroad. Gareth Henry is a mentor to young people through provision of bursaries that have a decent education.

According to Gareth , it is important to study the hedge fund investment, bonds and stocks so as to have a proper allocation of strategies. This helps to outdo other businesses in the stock market and bringing of investors in the business. Henry explains on the necessity to engage in equities which are alternatives to money market funds and bonds. Through the diversification of the business portfolio, there are increased chances in the broader finance market. Investors should consider the impacts of moving stocks through equity investments to their objectives hence having a well laid out plan. Aside from business, Gareth Henry regards each individuals opinion hence encourage him to learn all the time. He says it is important to balance leisure with work so as to maintain a healthy business life.

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Sandy Chin Gives Insights on the Importance of Mentorship

Sandy Chin is a renowned investment manager with over two decades of industry experience. Chin is the founder of Tidal Bore Capital where she currently serves as the portfolio manager. Chin founded the company in the year 2016 under the guidance of her mentor William Bill Leach. Chin besides being a professional career woman is also a philanthropist who seeks to empower women and children. Chin provides mentorship to young women who desire to join the financial industry. Besides, Chin provides mentorship and support to children, families, and Schools at the StreetSquash charitable organization. Sandy Chin has an excellent academic background. Chin is an alumnus of the New York University Stern School of Business where he graduated with an MBA in 2007. Chin is also a Political Science graduate from Barnard College.

Sandy Chin as a role model for many young women in the financial sector advises them to always lean to their careers. Women should not be afraid to compete with others in the workplace and should always desire for more. Women should not be scared to ask for more wages, opportunities or promotions. According to Sandy Chin many young people who are beginning their careers do feel lost and lack directions. They have no one to guide them in their career path, and that’s why it is crucial to have a mentor when starting as a young professional. Mentors according to Chin provide career direction and help an individual to be successful in their chosen career field. Here are some tips on the importance of mentorship according to Sandy Chin.

You can Learn Valuable lessons from mentors

According to Sandy Chin, young professionals can learn a lot from mentors. Chin gives her practical example on some of the things she learned from her mentor William Bill Leach in the late 1990s when she started as an investment analyst. Some of the valuable lessons that Chin learned from her mentor was one to never town down a meeting regardless of how small a firm may appear or how junior an analyst maybe. Another valuable lesson that Sandy Chin was able to learn from Leach is always to be inquisitive and asks questions. The world of finance is highly dynamic and fast-paced, and as a result, it can be quite tricky for a young graduate to navigate through the industry says, Chin. Having a mentor in the financial sector is crucial as they will show you how to navigate the field and advance in your career.

Through Mentorship one can Avoid Making Major Mistakes

It is only through mentorship that one will be capable of making major career blunders. Learning from other peoples mistakes can help save you a great deal in your professional life. Mentors are people with decades of industry experience, they have witnessed a lot, and they have made mistakes along the way. Their expertise, wisdom, and insights will help you to avoid making mistakes and will propel you to achieving success in your career path.


“Marc Beer – article recap “

Marc Beer has managed to make a mark in the business industry, and he works as the CEO of Revonia Inc. Marc Beer’s niche over the years has always been in the medical industry, and he has experience for close to twenty years. He is well versed in the fields of biotechnology, diagnostic development, and pharmaceutical. Marc Beer has managed to lead a number of companies to success through his leadership. These Medtech companies have been able to flourish because of Marc Beer’s skills and knowledge. At Renovia Inc, they are dedicated to creating some of the best treatment and diagnostic options for their customers. One exceptional example of Marc Beer’s achievements was when he was the chief executive officer of ViaCell. The company was able to come up with blood cells that were used in the umbilical cord by preserving, developing and collecting them. Through his leadership, ViaCell grew exponentially employing more than 300 staff members.

Marc Beer is also an entrepreneur that has founded other companies as well such as Good Start Genetics Compensation Committee. His most recent development is Renovia Inc that he built to help solve pelvic issues in women. The main strategy of this organization is to help women that are suffering from the disorder. Renovia Inc, Institution can do this by delivery of diagnostic and therapeutic devices. The company continually looks for new devices using advanced technology and these devices are of top-notch technology. Their most recent move in helping women with pelvic floor disorders was their series B financing. The Series B financing was set at 42.3 million dollars that were to go into helping conducting trials, product development, and launches in the near future. The funding was able to be divided into two sections of 10 million and 32.3 million dollars. The 10 million is to be used to cover any debts that may arise.

Series B financing for Renovia Inc was carried out by other health care institutions in the world that are leading in providing quality healthcare. Some of these institutions include Longwood Fund, Advisors, Perceptive, OSF Ventures, Ascension Ventures, Inova Strategic Investments, and Western Technology Investment. Marc Beer was deeply grateful for the participation of these institutions and felt deeply honored by their support. He was happy that institutions that had the same visions and goals in mind can come together and offer assistance. Most of these institutions had the same goals in mind as him which were to solve pelvic floor disorders issues. The funding will help Renovia Inc diagnose pelvic floor disorders properly and also offer the best treatment options for it. The institution also wants to ensure that people are educated about the disease and have knowledge of its treatment options. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/marc-beer/

Fortress Investment Group Expands It’s Business Interests

The year 2018 has been one of the most eventful years in the history of Fortress Investment Group. During the past year, Fortress Investment Group has been acquired by the Japanese conglomerate SoftBank Group Corporation. With this acquisition, Fortress has been involved in acquiring more business interests in real estate. By using private equity funds, Fortress has allowed SoftBank to expand its asset holdings all over the world. Fortress Investment Group has established itself as one of the leading financial services firms since 1998. The firm started out as a quality hedge fund and gradually expanded into one of the most reputable global investors and financiers. It would later go public in 2008 by getting an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange.

Over the past two decades, Fortress Investment Group has steadily grown into the firm it is today. During the past couple of years, it has allowed SoftBank to acquire it for a sum of over $3 billion. With this acquisition, SoftBank has been able to expand to North America and get established in the technology, real estate and financial sectors. Once it was acquired by SoftBank, Fortress Investment Group teamed up with SoftBank to increase its asset holdings throughout the world. One of the key benefits of acquiring Fortress to get more involved in real estate. Since SoftBank acquired Fortress, the two companies have purchased a number of real estate holdings as well as funding development projects.

These projects and real estate holdings will be used to help compliment the technology sector. With new properties available, tech startups will be in position to use this space for establishing an office location. Over the past year, a number of top companies in both the real estate and technology sectors have gotten valuable office space to expand their business interests. Fortress and SoftBank have recently put together a development project that will help expand the hospitality and entertainment sectors. The two companies have acquired land to build an assortment of hotels, entertainment centers and retail spaces. As a result, the local community will have a more vibrant atmosphere and become one of the top tourist, entertainment and business districts in New York City.