James River Capital, Dealing with Burnout

James River Capital is a corporation that provides investment advice, and it was established in 1986. Paul Saunders acquired the firm when it became an independent investment firm in the year 1995. It caters to the United States audience and also offers commodity trading services.


Burnout according to Paul Saunders affects many western societies. Employee burnout is the emotional and physical exhausting that workers experience often caused by stress and overworking. Burnout occurs when the employee is stuck in a stressful situation for a long time, and this takes a toll on their physical and emotional state. Employee burnout affects the organization adversely because it causes poor performance among workers. It is a pervasive issue in many companies, and it causes employees to have doubts about their work and become incompetent.


If employers want long term success in their organizations, they need to curb burnout and support their employees through these difficult times. Paul Saunders recommends noticing the signs of burnout before they become too advanced. Saunders has noticed that most employees who experience burnout have three main signs which are: lack of motivation, change in attitude and the loss in confidence. Burnout in the workplace is also more likely to occur when employees feel unappreciated and inadequate. Luckily, it can be prevented if employers take the following steps.


  1. Provide control


Saunders points out that one of the leading causes of burnout is when employees feel hopeless and helpless often due to inflexible work schedules. This also includes the company’s policies. Employers need to avoid this by providing their workers with some sense of control in the organization’s policies and scheduling. Encourage them to give their opinions on such so that they do not feel trapped in the company. Also, employers need to encourage their employees to take 15 minutes each day to outline their goals for the day.


  1. Being transparent


An organization that is not transparent with their employees when it comes to work promotions and compensations can cause burnout among the employees. This is because the employees feel out of place and blindsided. It often causes negative emotions towards the company that affects how the staff members work. To avoid such negative feelings, it is important to be transparent with all the employees. Communicate with them daily and be honest when it comes to promotions and decisions made in the office.


  1. Provide assistance


Long-term stress is one of the leading causes of employee burnout because the employee has no way of coping. This takes a toll on them emotionally which in turn affects their work performance. Employees can always provide assistance to help relieve stress among workers. This can be done by organizing workshops and team building exercise to assist in disconnecting from the workplace. Learn more: https://gazetteday.com/2018/11/paul-saunders-james-river-capital-talks-burnout/