OSI Industries leads the pack under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin

OSI Industries has a long history of challenges, but under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin who is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, the company has made tremendous growth. Since the company started operations in the early twentieth century, it has gained sustainable growth that involves the application of sustainability strategies. Despite many challenges during its starting years, the company has strongly emerged as one of the largest food producers and processes globally. Sheldon Lavin has transformed OSI Industries into an award-winning company having scooped various awards. The company started as a small butcher shop in Oakland Chicago. The butcher shop then called Otto & Sons won a tender to supply McDonald’s restaurants with meat, and that is how the journey of success started.

Sheldon Lavin worked in the banking sector as an Investment Manager and met with Otto & Sons when they looked for funding to boost the company. They had an agreement, and he became the company’s financial consultant. In 1975, the company rebranded to OSI Industries and Lavin became the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer. The company has undergone various processes to reach the current level including buying and collaborating with prominent food producers. David McDonald joined Sheldon Lavin in 1987 as the Project Manager. Currently, he is the President and Chief Operations Manager and the two work hard in maintaining the company’s steady growth. An example of a successful acquisition is the purchase of the Chicago based poultry products processor Tyson Foods. The purchase improved the supply of OSI products in the United States of America.

Another collaboration that involved Dutch-based Baho Foods helped OSI Industries reach more customers in the Europe market. Baho Foods specialized in deli meat and other convenient foods adding more products to the portfolio of OSI. Additionally, the company has five subsidiaries supplying 18 countries. The subsidiaries operate in the Netherlands and Germany meaning that the collaboration between the two companies had a positive outcome due to the expansion of marketing opportunities. The process saw the retention of Baho Management team including the Managing Director, John Blaver to facilitate a smooth transition. John pledged to continue leading his team in making sure that the new relationship between the two companies is profitable.

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