Jason Hope partners with anti-aging research group

Jason Hope is one of the knowledgeable tech experts that we have today. He was born in Tempe, Arizona and currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is prominent for his role in tech businesses. His ability to predict future technology trends makes him stand out among the rest. He is a successful entrepreneur who once owned a mobile technology business that he later sold at a hefty price. Today, Mr. Hope of working with many businesses that are interested in aligning the business goals with future expectations. He believes only businesses that will manage to align their long-term goals with the technologies of the future that will survive. His outstanding knowledge about the topic of technology is vital and cannot be ignored by any business person who hopes of running a successful business in the future.

Jason Hope is supportive of the anti aging research. He is working closely with an organization known as the SENS Research Foundation to create an anti-aging drug. This is a drug that will eliminate the problems attributed to aging in the human body. It is common for the human body to become weak and susceptible to diseases in old age. This is normally attributed to the molecular and cellular damage caused by the aging causing substance in the human body. According to scientists and researchers, it is possible that the erosion of body molecules and cells can be repaired using an anti-aging drug. This will mean that the impact of aging causing substance will be reversed.

Jason Hope met the chief science officer of SENS Research Foundation a decade ago. He was impressed by the solution it was trying to come up with and offered his financial support. To show his commitment to this course, he donated half a million dollars to the foundation to kick start the research process. This money was used to establish a laboratory while the rest went to anti-aging research. Over the years, he has continued supporting this foundation by seeking financial assistance on its behalf from other well-wishers. Jason Hope says that the solution that this organization is looking for can change the meaning of life if they are assisted in accomplishing it.