Greg Blatt started his professional career as a lawyer focusing on entertainment. However, over time, Mr. Blatt has maneuvered his way to becoming of the world’s highly-sort after business executives. Although he has now made a name for himself, Greg Blatt says it has not been easy. “The journey to stardom is always not easy. Often times, you will meet various hurdles along the way but with resilience and the right people to give you the needed motivation, you can make it,” says Greg Blatt.

Speaking of the right people for the needed motivation, Greg Blatt could be referring to none other than Martha Stewart of the Martha Stewart Law Firm. With the motivation he got after working for the law firm, Greg Blatt was now ready to work at IAC. It’s while at IAC that Mr. Blatt realized his potential to lead a firm. In fact, he says he has never rose in the ranks as he did when working at IAC.

To be precise, while Blatt was working with IAC, he was appointed the firm’s Chief Executive Officer a position he doubled as Chairman. Besides, he held the same positions in IAC’s other subsidiaries Tinder and The Match Group. With those positions under his chest, Blatt was able to see the companies join other booming companies across the US that offered law consultancy in various fields.

After attaining his second degree in law, Greg Blatt says that was the best decision he chose to make. His first degree in English has not done the business executive much. With it, he only picked odd jobs to sustain himself; something he says opened his eyes to try other viable avenues.

“My joining law school has really helped me a great deal. It is thanks to what I learnt at Columbia University’s Law School that I’m able to think critically. I am happy I chose that path, which I now wish I should have followed from the beginning,” Greg Blatt said. Visit this page on LinkedIn, for related information.


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