For many years, Hawkers has prioritized health and environmental stability because it targets the younger generation that exploits mother nature accordingly. Therefore, Hawkers has proudly launched another product line that sensitizes the environment. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has seen his tenure realize many products and is still planning how to draw the attention of more clients.

The customers are willing to embrace nature and its beauty on the mountain tops or beaches. The glasses are expected to enhance their health and keep them as fashionable as possible. The new product line ensures that the environment comes first right from manufacturing, packaging, and production models to safeguard the ice caps, forests, and oceans.

This does not compromise the glasses’ quality because it renders optimal glare protection to the users. The company is dedicated to offering clients sustainable and ethical products now and in the future.

Hawkers had a tough beginning with about four allies who had a few euros, but the plans were big enough to dominate the industry, even though resources were insufficient. Things turned around when the venture decided to consult Alejandro Betancourt Lopez for help, and he came up strongly to drive about 4.5 million sales in approximately 50 countries.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez helped the venture to hone the strengths and accomplish the expected goals. He ensured that the price tags on the trendy sunglasses were significantly reduced, and the youth could buy as many pairs as they desired. This could only be realized if the departments operate within manageable and small margins.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez boldly found investors, streamlined the company leadership, and fine-tuned development and operations. The entrepreneur had a deeper comprehension of the investment world since a tender age, and after graduating from Massachusetts with two-degree, he applied his gifts in different fields. Alejandro worked in asset management and oil industries, and so his versatility in business spreads all over.