Juan Monteverde knew the career path he wanted to pursue when he attended California State University, Northridge for his undergraduate degree. The fascinating world of finance captivated his interests as he learned how different markets affected economies in various ways globally. In order to support himself during college, Mr. Monteverde took a part-time position working at a law firm. Little did he know that this side job would end up altering the course of his life. Although the work was not directly associated with his declared major, he quickly found the cases intriguing, especially one court case in particular. The trial involved a land ownership dispute and was ultimately decided in favor of the landowners, which gave them greater financial stability. Mr. Monteverde was greatly impacted by how the attorney was able to make a huge difference for the clients and skillfully recoup compensation for them.

Juan Monteverde did graduate with a B.S. in Finance, but also went on to study at St. Thomas University’s School of Law. Mr. Monteverde’s drive and hard work ethic not only paved the way for him to graduate near the top of his class, but also to serve as a staff editor for the school’s law review and as president of the school newspaper, Plead the Fifth. In addition, he managed to find time to work as an associate for Diaz Reus, a highly-respected law firm and participate on illustrious government cases involving both foreign and domestic entities. Upon graduating, Mr. Monteverde found himself working civil litigation for a defense firm. Although he excelled there and appreciated the opportunity, his true passion remained in the financial world. Therefore, he decided to step out on his own and formed his own firm, Monteverde & Associates, so he could focus his work on the securities field.

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