Author Solutions was the first of its kind to offer supported self-publishing services to authors providing a transition from traditional publishing. Since its formation in 1997, the Indiana-based firm has offered publishing solutions to more than two hundred and fifty authors in publishing more than 300,000 titles across the globe. Author Solutions was able to tap into the market gap that existed during the early days since authors sought a more simplified way of getting their work published at the least cost possible without losing authenticity.

Author Solutions is the real deal to actualize the dream of having your book sell in bookstores, feature on TV, or filmmaking. From editing, proofreading to deciding on the general layout, these supported self-publishing service providers allow you the space to be the master of your work. Authors draw from a pool of highly skilled and experienced experts who offer step-by-step guidance throughout the publishing process.

By helping authors out with their publication during the early days, Author Solutions became famous in the publishing industry. It aids in changing the lives of many authors around the world. It also offers a wide variety of resources and insights concerning the industry and assists authors in redefining success for themselves. Authors publish at a convenient cost and get to retain ownership and control over their work.See this page on Facebook, for additional information.

With imprints, like IUniverse and AuthorHouse, in nine countries spread across five continents worldwide, authors worldwide can utilize technology and resources to publish their work without strain. Testimonials from authors who have had an experience with these supported self-publishing service providers are proof enough that this is the best option for any author seeking a breakthrough in their work. The service providers are supportive and offer exceptionally professional services. Quality is at the peak of what they offer, with the needs of their clients at heart.


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