BeachBodyCarl Daikeler has set a high standard for himself, and he has shown that it’s possible to build confidence with the right mindset. His career started in NFL halftime production more than 35 years ago. After spending several years in that industry, he shifted slightly to infomercial production. His insight that a lot of the products in infomercials were for fitness devices led him to become an entrepreneur.

In 1998, he set down his own path and co-founded Beachbody. The business got its name from a billboard Daikeler saw by the side of the road. It promoted a body worthy of showing off in a bikini at the beach. The program consisted of a few videos. However, it was so well-liked that Carl Daikeler rapidly expanded its offerings. Celebrity endorsements and participants soon followed, and by the 2010s, there were more than 300 workout options in the Beachbody program.

The program also kept up with technology and the changing of the times. In 2015, Daikeler introduced a streaming service. In 2018, he and his partner added OpenFit to the plan. The streaming service gave access to all videos all the time, and the app offers participants a way to exercise at the same time and chat with each other. Carl Daikeler also practices what he preaches, and the program’s coaches and participants will easily recognize him from the videos and some of the live workouts.

Carl Daikeler

Daikeler has never been one to ignore the importance of nutrition in wellness. He knows that preparing healthy food can be as big of a hassle as going to the gym. That’s why he and his team created Shakeology, which is the nutritional side of the Beachbody program. Shakeology is a protein powder that’s available in a vegan option and a whey formulation.

The purpose of Shakeology shakes is to fill nutritional gaps in the American diet. The typical American’s diet is overloaded with calories and shorted of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Shakeology’s shakes have 16 grams of protein and a lot of fiber. They come in appealing flavors, including salted caramel and tropical strawberry.