Betsy DeVos Speaks Her Mind

In an article that was published in the New York Times, aspects of Betsy DeVos’s personality really come out. Even though Betsy DeVos is a loving mother and a kind wife, she also knows how to stand for what she believes is right. During the Trump administration, Betsy DeVos became the new Secretary of Education. DeVos took her role seriously, and she chose to always get involved in government when education was concerned. When Trump took office, he decided to rescind a law that allowed transgender students to use the bathrooms of the sex that they identified with. Betsy DeVos knew that this would be a controversial move, and she was not in agreement with the president’s method. In order to warn members of the LGBT community, she got in contact with some well-known community representatives. She told them of the upcoming announcement. The day of the announcement about the decision, Betsy DeVos showed her support to the president.


Who is Betsy Devos?

Betsy DeVos is a Michigan born member of the GOP. DeVos is highly dedicated to fair education. Even though Betsy DeVos comes from a wealthy family, she is aware of the inequalities in education. Education does more than teach a child; it opens up a world of opportunities. DeVos is not the biggest fan of public schools. She believes that parents should have more control over the type of education that their children receive. DeVos gave out scholarships and grants to students in order for them to attend private schools, but she wanted to do something that was more sweeping. DeVos got involved with the politics around education, and she helped to enact several laws that allow parents to have more freedom when it comes to choosing what type of education that their children receive.


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