BeachbodyCarl Daikeler, who is the Chairman and CEO at BeachBody, has consistently worked to meet consumers’ needs for home fitness solutions and to grow the company’s bottom line over its 23-year history. The company started growing its roots in 1998 when Daikeler and Jon Congdon turned their attention to their common passion in personal fitness. They developed 8-Minute Abs, which was a core workout program that was originally released on VHS tape. Throughout the product’s development and marketing, Daikeler relied on previous work experiences as a marketing exec.

Because of the profound success of the company’s first workout program, Carl Daikeler had the green light to expand the product line. While hundreds of products have been created that focus on both personal fitness and weight loss, the most well-known products have included 21-Day Fix, P90X, Body Beast, Shakeology and INSANITY. Daikeler implemented a detailed marketing plan for each product to reach BeachBody’s target audience. The success of many of the company’s earlier products was rooted in Daikeler’s ability to identify and seize new marketing opportunities. In fact, he made BeachBody a pioneer in the use of customer brand ambassadors, social media marketing and influencers.

BeachbodyWhen the pandemic hit, Carl Daikeler discovered an incredible opportunity to serve BeachBody’s target audience and to expand revenue at the same time. For many individuals who were no longer able to stay fit at gyms during the peak of the pandemic, the goal was to find an affordable way to get a well-rounded workout at home. Nautilus and Peloton had some solutions, but they were not affordable for many people. BeachBody On-Demand is a streaming video subscription service that was born to fill this need. The service provides members with 80 workouts on streaming video for $99 annually.

Carl Daikeler has been a strong leader at BeachBody since its establishment a few decades ago. Under his leadership, BeachBody has expanded into a $2.3-billion company with annual revenue in excess of $1 billion.