Perry Mandera Created The Custom Cares Charities To Give Back To People Who Are In The Greatest Of Need

Perry Mandera is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who serves people in the transportation industry. He is the founder of The Custom Companies, Inc., which was founded in 1986. Perry Mandera´s company has earned its stripes by serving small businesses, Fortune 100 companies, and entrepreneurs, and he has over 300 people working for him. The Custom Companies offers many different transportation services and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The company also has a location in Los Angeles, where it serves people and companies on the west coast.

Perry Mandera created the Custom Cares Charities to help as many people as he possibly can. He has always wanted to be able to give back to his community and the world and has donated a lot of money to various nonprofits and charitable organizations. Mandera likes to work with organizations that help young individuals and veterans. A lot of his giving has also gone towards fighting cancer. In 2013, he was a part of efforts to help Washington, Illinois residents who had suffered through a tornado. Thanks to him, many people received the supplies and transportation they needed during one of the most trying times of their lives.

During Hurricane Katrina, Perry Mandera instructed his company to transport truckloads of food and important supplies to families who were devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The Custom Cares Charities was also a part of efforts to help people who were hit by the wildfires in California (WordPress).

Mandera loves to give people what they need during the Holiday Season and has donated plenty to children and other people who are in the greatest of need during these times. In total, his charitable organization has sponsored over 100 programs that work with young students.

Perry Mandera served as a US Marine and is also a member of the board of directors for the Illinois Trucking Association (ITA). While in the Marines, he served in the motor pool, and this is where he realized the importance of transportation. Mandera also has the distinction of serving as the youngest ever Republican ward committeeman for the 26th Ward in Chicago.

Roberto Santiago, the Brazilian Mall Investor and Film Enthusiast.

As a writer of children and youth fiction books, Roberto Santiago is a determined television screenwriter who comes up with current themed plays that give lessons to the people who watch the programs. Brilliant as he is, the films that come out under his supervision receive a positive perception among the population. Parents are appreciative of his efforts in educating the young. His innovative mind always comes up with new ideas that set trends in the filming industry.

Roberto Santiago was born in 1968 and grew up as an industrious individual loving business. He has successfully constructed the Maniara Shopping Complex one of the ideas that was conceived in 1989 in Pariaba. The shopping complex is now the fashion center in Brazil with new extensions. It is the prominent shopping mall in Joao Pessoa, Brazil giving visitors unforgettable shopping experience with leisure activities. Tourists can indulge in fun fares and entertainment that suits all ages. Maniara Shopping Complex was launched in 2014 in an event that was aimed at enticing people who come from the North East. Next to the complex are modern beaches with magical sundowners.

The strategic location of the complex; at the center of large beaches in the North Coast City of Joao Pessoa has enabled the establishment gain customers constantly who are on holiday. The business has 280 stores using a space of 75,000 square meters. Shoppers can have a one stop shopping and come out of the complex having acquired all the things that they needed. Clients of all ages can be treated; parents can come with kids who can head to their arcade for entertainment. The adults will then proceed to do the crucial matters that need to be taken care of.

Parents who have time to spare can also pamper in entertainment. There are cinemas showing the latest movies in eleven rooms with new 3D screens. VIP treatment is guaranteed with rooms having Stadium Systems that are organized. There are bowling rooms for people who love bowling.

Gamers have a variety of things to choose from. There are many locations that can fit their age from kids to adults. Electronics have a cutting edge technology version and can support many kinds of games. When one is hungry, they can dine from many food spots and restaurants with Chefs who are among the best in Brazil like Espaco Gournet.

Educational centers and colleges hold plays and shows at the complex. This attracts students who take part and support their colleagues. All these advancements have opened up the town to the outside world and advanced technology not only at the facility but also to the locals who can now enjoy fast internet for their businesses. Other businesses have found confidence in investing there and created more jobs to the people living around the town.


Desiree Perez from New York and Both her Parents Always had her Back

The deal that Jay Z has with Live Nation is coming to an end. Live Nation wants to maintain a business relationship with Jay Z, but they are not interested in the record music part of it. Live Nation would like to continue to be involved in Jay Z’s tours because it is very profitable. Jay Z’s top executive, Desiree Perez, had a meeting with the chairman and CEO Of Universal Music Group, Sir Lucian Grainge. Rumors spread that UMG may buy a piece of Roc Nation. This may enable Jay Z to promote and develop new artists. Currently, there are no updates on any discussions taking place concerning the deal that is about to expire between Roc Nation and Live Nation.

Desiree Perez is from New York and both her parents always had her back. Desiree is the Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation. Desiree or Des, as she is known, plays many important parts in Roc Nation. She is involved in the labeling operations, management, and publishing of the company. Des is a more behind the scenes type of person and this has worked very well in her favor. She had a big hand in the deal with Rihanna and Samsung. Many deals would not have gone through if it were not for the role Des played in it.

Des has been an associate of Jay Z’s four about twenty years. She knows the music industry ropes very well. Des Perez has proven to the music industry that she is more than qualified for the position. She is great at crunching numbers and is an incredible negotiator. Desiree Perez has an extraordinary talent for helping business flourish and grow. She is a fierce woman that never gives up.

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Glen Wakeman Has Many Jobs

Glen Wakeman is a man with many different jobs that he has taken on and that he must work at each day. He is someone who is a small business owner, and he is an investor. He helps to mentor others, and he works as CEO of a public company. Glen Wakeman is someone who puts his work as one of the most important things in his life, and because of that, he is able to work at all of the jobs that he has taken on and do well with each one. He is a man who is dedicated to his work and his future, someone who is ambitious.

When he was asked if there was a certain thing that makes him productive, Glen Wakeman mentioned that he is a curious individual. He is someone who would like to learn more about the world around him, and he will work hard in order to do that if he needs to. He is someone who would like to learn more about various interests of his, and his curiosity pushes him to do things that others might not do. Glen Wakeman credits his curiosity with pushing him to get work completed.

Glen Wakeman has a variety of jobs that he works at right now, but he did not always have the types of jobs that he currently has. There was a time in his life when he had to work a job that was not as important or special as those that he currently works. When he was asked about the worst job that he ever had, Glen Wakeman shared that there was a time in his life when he had to clean bathrooms at an automobile parts factory. This was not a job that he enjoyed, and this job did not give him the sense of purpose that his current jobs do.

JMH Development Does a Lot of Business Thanks to Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

The owner of JMH Development, Jason Halpern, has done what he can to make sure that the business is successful. He has overcome a lot of challenges and has worked to make sure that his company has the best development opportunities for people in the areas that it is located in. The business has corporate offices that are located in Philadelphia but Jason Halpern has come up with ideas for developments around the country. He follows the best markets and always works in cities that are the hottest options. Since Jason Halpern is the owner of the company, he can work hard to make sure that he is showing people what they can get out of the buildings. He is also able to do a lot of work that allows him to be successful and to have developments operating in a shorter period of time than most developers.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner of Aloft Property

Despite the fact that Jason Halpern is the owner of the company, he prefers to stay involved with the business in every way that he can. If this means that he has to do the physical labor of developing a building, he occasionally does that so that he can meet deadlines. His ability to go hands-on is reflective of his dedication to developing and the experience that he had prior to opening up the opportunity of JMH Development. Jason Halpern is experienced in developing and can work on nearly every aspect of developing the buildings that he works to make a possibility.

Jason’s Own Time

The real estate market can be tricky especially for developers but Jason Halpern knows a lot about it. He also knows the right way to make sure that he can get the most out of the market. By understanding the markets that he is in and the way that he can choose development opportunities, Jason Halpern has given himself a chance to make sure that things are going to work out for him. The opportunities that he has within different markets show that he has been dedicated to developing different cities and sticking with the trends that are happening at that time.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

Jason Halpern knows the right way to give people choices. He has done a lot during the time that he has worked with people on developments and this has given him a chance to make sure that he can do more with the options that he has. Jason Halpern wants to provide new opportunities to people who are in different areas and he knows that offering them choices in developments is the right way to be able to do it. He also knows that having a lot of luxury choices will make people more interested in the developments.

EOS Climbs Over Competetors, Earns #2 Spot. Here’s How!

EOS, the round container of lip balm, known for its intriguing flavors ( ) and natural, health-oriented ingredients, has managed to snag the #2 spot in the list of lip balm manufacturers. This is saying quite a bit as this upstart hasn’t been around nearly as long as its competitors (some of whom have been in the game for a century.)

The creators of EOS didn’t earn their number 2 slot overnight, but they have certainly swept the industry by storm in their short time.

In a recent interview (more information can be found here), the creators said that they wanted to find an industry that they could really sweep. After putting in some serious time and thought, they decided that they would target lip balms as the industry had been virtually untouched in decades.

Once they had enough data and knew what their target audience wanted, they came out with EOS – a lip balm that wouldn’t be as easy to lose in purses, with flavors that made their consumers happy to use, and an advertising campaign that Millennial women just couldn’t ignore.

Using top names in beauty blog circles to review their products and help get the hype going as well as using traditional advertising methods was only one of the key ways the creators ensured that EOS lip balm would rise above its competitors.

With its popularity on the rise, the brand made a smart move to partner with many other brands creating limited runs and special editions of its lip balm. Including a matching lip balm for Keds shoes, holiday collection (limited edition) with Rachael Roy and an Alice in Wonderland collection that was sold out in mere days.

Even though EOS has only been on the market for a short 7 years, already competitors are taking a leaf from their book and updating their looks and flavors. Want EOS? Try the products today, visit the Evolution of Smooth website, or the Racked online store to purchase.

Way to go, EOS!

Flavio Maluf Is Qualified To Advise On How To Start A New Business

Flavio Maluf is someone who is a chief executive and an ardent entrepreneur. Many people believe that Mr. Maluf is undoubtedly a person who comprehends that to be a successful entrepreneur is a genuinely difficult endeavor to become involved with. A large number of people have worked under the extremely flawed principle that becoming a meaningful entrepreneur carries with it the obligation to endure fewer work hours and that they can somehow manage to acquire more income than when they worked under another’s employment.

Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that when a steadfast person desires to commit themselves as a future entrepreneur on, as a general rule they find themselves working more hours, as they typically have to manage the whole endeavor personally. There are no average hours of availability to follow for the burgeoning entrepreneur, as they are required to constantly be there to manage the company. To leave the business to attend any vacations is actually not possible for the bulk of entrepreneurs, and almost always because of this, promising entrepreneurs can not find success.

Support is an important feature for the commencing entrepreneur to reach a triumphant enterprise on Those who have experience, understand that founding a new venture without financial aid is hardly ever a means of being victorious; conversely, the endeavors of Flavio Maluf indicate that a great quantity of support to begin a business venture is not needed either.

It isn’t mandatory to have a special or distinctive concept to initiate a business endeavor as an entrepreneur, but to really have a good idea can assist your project to earn awareness along with all the other rivalry. It is really important to have an existing party of customers that are prepared to pay attention to your wares and then to pay for your things or your services.

Flavio Maluf is an accomplished mechanical engineer who is responsible for the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. He is in addition the leader of the Eucatex and GrandFood group. He produced many subsets of the group in Brazil to carry out services to 37 countries.


George Soros Has 1st Hand Experience With Evil Men

There is a person who is highly renowned for his committed interests in serving to uphold the extremely laborious responsibilities that are important enough to be executed by a legal specialist, who works carefully to release countless imprisoned people who have, without just cause, been locked up. George is exceptionally committed to generously provide hefty quantities of his funds in an attempt to help out, to a generous degree, destitute citizens who sincerely want to attend a college; citizens that have discovered they feel hopeless for the reason that they are unable to find any economic support with which to acquire their educational goal according to Investopedia.

Due to the depths of his efforts to be a successful, benevolent, charitable philanthropist, George’s actions have formed a lifelong mark on the world. He has made several charitable actions to provide billions in monetary support, to ensure that quite a few enterprises that have might become bankrupt because of heavy monetary complications, now have the assistance they need to become successful. George has undergone a great many steps to provide his financial backing to help out those who have proven that they have experienced a deficit of their income to keep in tact their ability to manage their day to day lives. In fact, when a citizen displays that they have a deep need to fight against the harm that intolerance causes society, George Soros wants to be present to aid them by supporting their desire to fight. This is also factual for those who strive to guard the rights of the citizens in society. When it comes to Mr. Soros, any efforts taken to battle a wrong doing should feel confident that he can be available to help them confront that misconduct. This extends to the battle against the crusade labeled incorrectly as a “War on Drugs,” on which is a political farce that George is unwaveringly in opposition to.

George Soros strives diligently to financially prop up what he feels are creditable contenders for being elected to the office of the President. He even went so far as to donate millions to back Hillary Clinton when she was enduring her pitched battle for the presidency.

George Soros is has lived under the thumb of evil men, people who manipulate their way into political positions solely for personal power written on Adolf Hitler was once such man, whom George ran from to avoid the Holocaust. George Soros is one of several citizens know first hand that Donald Trump shouldn’t be looked up to as a President, since his goal seems to have been to garner public attention and financial gain for his numerous properties that are under his company name.

A Look At Fabletics And Co-CEO Adam Goldenberg

The Creation Of Fabletics With Kate Hudson

Fabletics is an online fashion retailer that was created in 2014. Kate Hudson teamed up with technology and retail executives Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler to launch the new online clothing brand. The design of the clothes is handled by Kate Hudson who is also the face of the brand. Fabletics is geared towards active women, and Kate Hudson is a poster girl for this demographic.

Co-CEOs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler meanwhile, are skilled executives who handle the marketing, retail and e-commerce aspects of the business. Mr. Goldenberg has previously built up a successful online retail operation at a young age. Don Ressler has also seen great success in e-commerce and communication.

The talents of Ressler, Hudson and Goldenberg are combined to make Fabletics successful. The trio has managed to vertically integrate Fabletics so that the manufacturing, distribution and sales process takes about two months. The CEOs have also personalized shopping on Fabletics with recommened outfits and suggestions based on preferences and lifestyles on Another key factor of the success was the fact that Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson have created a hook for customers such as limited edition outfits and membership only deals. This approach has led to Fabletics seeing a good and steady growth despite some setbacks in public relations and from growing too fast. Fabletics is now well on its way to success without the hiccups it had previously encountered at

Highlights From Adam Goldenberg’s Interview On The National Retail Federation

Adam Goldenberg serves as Co-CEO of the parent Company JustFab Inc. It includes fashion brands such as Fabletics, Fab Kids and ShoeDazzle. Below are some highlights from his interview on the National Retail Federation about his business and life.

Mr. Goldenberg says that to continue growing JustFab needs to redefine what customer service is about. He says that the most unique experience of JustFab’s business model is that it is membership subscription based on Very few online fashion retailers have such a model and it has proven to be extremely effective when combined with other things such as vertical integration. Being web based, Adam says that his company’s idea of exceeding customer expectations is when a customer opens up a package and sees that the clothing is far better than they thought it would be.

Sam Boraie | Corporate Leader, Visionary, and Philanthropist

Sam Boraie is a Vice President of Boraie Development, a family-run real estate developer located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The company, Boraie Development, LLC develops modern property developments mainly in New Brunswick but lately, has started venturing into Atlantic City and Newark.

Services Offered by Boraie Development

Boraie Development works with leading financial institutions, contractors and visionary architects in New Jersey to come up with attractive property developments. Its primary services are property management, real estate development as well as sales and marketing.

  1. Real Estate Development

Since its inception, Boraie Development has built a strong reputation for developing state of the art projects that surpass the expectations of clients. Bloomberg describes the company to be known to use its capital, dedication to excellence, and reliability to develop high-end projects. With over four decades in the industry, Boraie Development has become the most experienced and sought-after real estate developer in New Jersey.

To finance some of its massive projects, the company sources for private financing from institutional-based investors, commercial banks, and high net worth individual investors.

  1. Property Management

Property management is a core component of Boraie Development’s overall business strategy. This is because it creates value addition for the firm’s assets. The company maintains all its properties with exceptional detail and undertakes improvements regularly. The property management function of Boraie Development entails accounting and administration, maintenance, leasing, and customer service.

  1. Sales and Marketing

Boraie Development and its subsidiary, Boraie Realty, have facilitated real estate and property transactions worth over $150 million. The marketing division works closely with other departments to identify and understand relevant commercial and residential factors affecting the industry.

Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie is a visionary real estate executive working at Boraie Development. For over twenty years, Sam has been instrumental in not only growing his family’s company but also instigating a property market renaissance in New Brunswick. He has spearheaded lucrative acquisitions for the company and formulated many successful strategies. He has a network of connections that allow him to raise capital and market the firm’s assets throughout the region.

Sam is also a consummate humanitarian and philanthropist. According to Rutgers Magazine, he is on the advisory board of New Brunswick’s nonprofit organization called Elijah’s Promise. The organization fights poverty and hunger in the region using food. Additionally, Sam sits on the board of trustees for the State Theater, a historic nonprofit venue that promotes performing arts and entertainment. It also uses education and awareness to build a better society.