The Life of Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman was born in Washington, D.C. He grew up in Maryland on the Eastern shore and later on went to South Africa. He attended the University of Cape Town where he graduated with a postgraduate degree having specialised in Economics and History. In the year 2013 Ted Bauman got admitted to The Sovereign Society in the month of September. He works as the editor of The Bauman Letter and also as the editor of Plan B Club. His work is mainly centred on the protection of assets and issues that deal with international migration.

On top of that Ted Bauman is also the editor of Smart Money Alert. This is an advisory group established on a trading system that is rule-based. This group has never lost in the 10 years, it has been in operation. During these 25 years he got an opportunity to serve in various exclusive positions in non-profit sectors. He once served as the fund manager in a project that was geared towards building low-cost housing.

After this job, Ted Bauman got the job of a consultant where he used to do a lot of research and writing on topics such as housing, finance and urban planning for different clients such as the government of South Africa, United Nations and grant-making agencies in Europe. During this period he also got the opportunity to travel a lot and he did a lot of touring in the continents of Africa, Europe and Asia.

In 2008, Ted Bauman travelled back to the United States of America. He was offered a job and he worked as the Director of International Housing Programs. This program is under the international Habitat for Humanity that is found in Atlanta, Georgia. During this period Ted got the opportunity to extend his travelling escapades to the regions of Latin America and also in the Caribbean. He did not stop what he loved to do. He continued to do a lot of research and he did comprehensive writing on the topic of International Development.


OSI Group’s Ventures with McDonald’s Continue

Fast-food companies dominate the food industry in many countries. Big-name companies like McDonald’s have thousands of locations all over the world. In particular, McDonald’s revolutionized the food industry in the early 1950s by forming an alliance that continues today. Those partnerships usually stay out of public view.

Behind McDonald’s curtains is OSI Group, former Otto & Sons. Otto & Sons’ story started with Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant who moved to America looking for a better life. Otto, like many European immigrants in the early 20th century, moved to Chicago, Illinois. At the time, Chicago was a major stopping point for immigrants moving west to establish independent farms.

In 1909, Otto opened a little butchery in Oak Park, a small German community on the west side of the city. He butchered his own meat and customers’ and also had a retail meat market in a separate part of the building. Within a decade, his business grew, and he moved operations to a larger Chicago suburb, Maywood, on the other side of town.

Following a trend set by other immigrant-owned business, Otto rebranded his company and made it a little more “American sounding.” He renamed the company Otto & Sons, adding his two sons, Harry and Arthur.

When Harry and Arthur took over the family business, their father’s little store was a significant player in the Midwest’s meat market. They continued their father’s legacy until the early 50s. Around that time, the food industry began changing, and family restaurants started taking on new looks and implementing new service strategies.

One day, Ray Kroc approached the young business owners and offered them the chance of a lifetime. Kroc wanted to open a new kind of restaurant, and he needed meat suppliers that could provide his restaurants with fresh ground beef.

It wasn’t after the first McDonald’s open that the brothers rebranded the company again, this time renaming its OSI Group. Today, OSI Group has over 60 facilities in over a dozen countries.


OSI Industries leads the pack under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin

OSI Industries has a long history of challenges, but under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin who is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, the company has made tremendous growth. Since the company started operations in the early twentieth century, it has gained sustainable growth that involves the application of sustainability strategies. Despite many challenges during its starting years, the company has strongly emerged as one of the largest food producers and processes globally. Sheldon Lavin has transformed OSI Industries into an award-winning company having scooped various awards. The company started as a small butcher shop in Oakland Chicago. The butcher shop then called Otto & Sons won a tender to supply McDonald’s restaurants with meat, and that is how the journey of success started.

Sheldon Lavin worked in the banking sector as an Investment Manager and met with Otto & Sons when they looked for funding to boost the company. They had an agreement, and he became the company’s financial consultant. In 1975, the company rebranded to OSI Industries and Lavin became the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer. The company has undergone various processes to reach the current level including buying and collaborating with prominent food producers. David McDonald joined Sheldon Lavin in 1987 as the Project Manager. Currently, he is the President and Chief Operations Manager and the two work hard in maintaining the company’s steady growth. An example of a successful acquisition is the purchase of the Chicago based poultry products processor Tyson Foods. The purchase improved the supply of OSI products in the United States of America.

Another collaboration that involved Dutch-based Baho Foods helped OSI Industries reach more customers in the Europe market. Baho Foods specialized in deli meat and other convenient foods adding more products to the portfolio of OSI. Additionally, the company has five subsidiaries supplying 18 countries. The subsidiaries operate in the Netherlands and Germany meaning that the collaboration between the two companies had a positive outcome due to the expansion of marketing opportunities. The process saw the retention of Baho Management team including the Managing Director, John Blaver to facilitate a smooth transition. John pledged to continue leading his team in making sure that the new relationship between the two companies is profitable.


How OSI Group Makes Sure McDonald’s Beef is Safe Despite Using No Preservatives

People nowadays really want to know what the ingredients are in the food they eat. Some people prefer to eat organic ingredients, others watch the amount of sodium they consume, and many don’t want to buy anything with food additives in it. This extends to fast food, such as a hamburger at McDonalds.

McDonald’s gets a lot of customers. They once stated in a manual they 75 hamburgers were bought from them every second. A guy named David Whipple once bought a burger from McDonalds and stuck it in his cupboard for 14 years. When he pulled it out it looked the same as when he stuck it in there.

However, that the hamburger didn’t decay didn’t have anything to do with preservatives. It’s just that the microbes that cause rotting couldn’t eat the hamburger because there wasn’t the water they need to live in the cupboard. People think McDonald’s food has lots of preservatives but the fact is they don’t have any.

OSI Group is one of McDonalds largest suppliers of beef. One of their food processing facilities is located in Günzburg, Germany. On an average day, they create 5 million beef patties at this facility. The facility is about the size of a soccer field and almost all of it is dedicated to McDonald’s with 10% going to other companies.

OSI Group employees are very concerned with making sure everything is hygienic in the factories such as in Günzburg. For example, if an employee comes down with something they have to be checked out by a doctor before they can head back into work. This is required because OSI Group doesn’t want any viruses or bacteria coming into contact with the beef. There are also no preservatives so the quality requirements of the beef need to be strictly maintained.

They also don’t allow anything loose on the factory floor because it could otherwise end up in the meat. OSI Group employees also check all incoming beef for bones. The beef is stored in 1,100 pound sealed containers before it is minced and formed into a patty and then delivered to restaurants.

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James River Capital, Dealing with Burnout

James River Capital is a corporation that provides investment advice, and it was established in 1986. Paul Saunders acquired the firm when it became an independent investment firm in the year 1995. It caters to the United States audience and also offers commodity trading services.


Burnout according to Paul Saunders affects many western societies. Employee burnout is the emotional and physical exhausting that workers experience often caused by stress and overworking. Burnout occurs when the employee is stuck in a stressful situation for a long time, and this takes a toll on their physical and emotional state. Employee burnout affects the organization adversely because it causes poor performance among workers. It is a pervasive issue in many companies, and it causes employees to have doubts about their work and become incompetent.


If employers want long term success in their organizations, they need to curb burnout and support their employees through these difficult times. Paul Saunders recommends noticing the signs of burnout before they become too advanced. Saunders has noticed that most employees who experience burnout have three main signs which are: lack of motivation, change in attitude and the loss in confidence. Burnout in the workplace is also more likely to occur when employees feel unappreciated and inadequate. Luckily, it can be prevented if employers take the following steps.


  1. Provide control


Saunders points out that one of the leading causes of burnout is when employees feel hopeless and helpless often due to inflexible work schedules. This also includes the company’s policies. Employers need to avoid this by providing their workers with some sense of control in the organization’s policies and scheduling. Encourage them to give their opinions on such so that they do not feel trapped in the company. Also, employers need to encourage their employees to take 15 minutes each day to outline their goals for the day.


  1. Being transparent


An organization that is not transparent with their employees when it comes to work promotions and compensations can cause burnout among the employees. This is because the employees feel out of place and blindsided. It often causes negative emotions towards the company that affects how the staff members work. To avoid such negative feelings, it is important to be transparent with all the employees. Communicate with them daily and be honest when it comes to promotions and decisions made in the office.


  1. Provide assistance


Long-term stress is one of the leading causes of employee burnout because the employee has no way of coping. This takes a toll on them emotionally which in turn affects their work performance. Employees can always provide assistance to help relieve stress among workers. This can be done by organizing workshops and team building exercise to assist in disconnecting from the workplace. Learn more:


The Business Connection Between OSI Group & McDonalds

OSI Group was ones a butcher shop and it has developed to become a leading food provider in the globe. The privately-owned food company has 65 facilities that have created employment to 20, 000 people in 17 countries.

The success history of OSI Group is rooted back in the 20th century when prosperous German-immigrant member, Otto Kolschowsky, started his own butcher shop in the United States. The business was booming gradually and within a year the retail butcher shop had grown into a wholesale business. In 1928, the business was rebranded to as Otto & Sons.

In 1955, Ray Kroc started McDonald’s restaurant in Illinois, Des Plaines to be precise. The family restaurant was founded in 1940 by Richard & Maurice McDonald, a couple based in California. McDonald restaurant partnered with Otto & Sons; the company used to supply fresh ground meat, beef, to the restaurant. Ray Kroc purchased the McDonald restaurant and became the CEO. The McDonald’s restaurant boomed and expanded giving Otto & Sons Company pressure to grow as well for them to supply affordable, consumer-driven, and consistent products, which could be moved to long distance considering that the restaurant was ever-widening.

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Fortunately, Otto & Sons Company discovered an affordable technological breakthrough, flash freezing process, that made their task much easier leading to a closer connection with McDonald’s restaurant. Both the food facilities, OSI Group McDonald, became more successful, which resulted to their recognition nationwide. In 1975, Otto & Sons was rebranded as OSI Industries. The transition proved that the company had become a giant food provider that operated on a large scale. Kolschowsky family retired and Sheldon Lavin was introduced to serve as the investment consultant, he contributed largely to the current success of OSI Group McDonalds.

The business connection between McDonald and OSI Group McDonalds has a long thrilling history. There is no doubt that great client relation, recognition of expansion gaps, and technological innovation has led OSI Group McDonalds to become a heavyweight food provider. OSI Group McDonalds has supplied meat to other Chinese food chains, taking of Papa John’s Pizza, Subway, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks. Their products include dough, meat patties, hot dogs, poultry, bacon, vegetables, pork, and fish.

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How Jeunesse Global Is Helping Women Look Years Younger

All over the world, women are looking for ways to make themselves look years younger. Now, one company is taking their extensive experience in the health and wellness industry to create an advanced line of beauty products. That company, Jeunesse Global, is winning fans with their line of NV beauty products.

An Advanced Approach to Beauty

Unlike other companies, Jeunesse Global knows that beauty is more than skin deep. That’s why the NV beauty care line is designed with the company’s advanced exclusive, youth-enhancing APT-200 formula. This formula allows a woman’s face to have that airbrushed look without harmful chemicals and additives. In fact, NV’s entire line is free of harmful Phthalate, paraben, sulfate and talc.

A Complete Line-Up of Beauty Products

Among the products in the NV line include NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation, NV Primer, NV Bronzer and NV Shimmer. These products are designed to provide a complete beauty solution for women’s faces. And the NV beauty line is available in a variety of shades to give women with dark and light completion the age defying looks that they desire.

Available In a Complete Package

NV’s line of beauty products are available individual or as a set of two packages. The first package is known as a NV Everyday Beauty Essentials Package. The second package is known as the NV Get the Glow Bundle. Both packages provide a savings over buying each NV product individually.

Part of the Youth Enhancement System

NV is part of Jeunesse Global’s Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.). This line-up of 9 advanced products are designed to help people look, feel and think younger. Among the products available in the Y.E.S. line are the Zen Bodi weight management system, NEVO energy drinks, AM/PM supplements and M1ND mind enhancement supplement.

About Jeunesse Global

For over a decade, Jeunesse Global has innovated the world of health and beauty with a complete line of advanced products. The company sells it products through a global network of independent sellers. As the company enters its next decade of operation, Jeunesse Global will seek to bring new, advanced health and beauty products to the global market.

James River Capital

In 1995, the KP Futures Management Corp was acquired from Kidder, Peabody & Co., Inc. by the departments senior officers Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt. The company was renamed as James River Capital Corp and is now registered with the SEC as an investment adviser and with the CFTC as a commodity trading adviser and commodity pool operator.


On September 14, 2018, The James River Capital Corp published an article on, the article in question was about three different ways a person can improve their ability as a leader. The three suggestion made were to support your team rather than leading them, encouraging teammates and being sure that everyone has the chance to voice their opinions. Each one builds on the last in the order they were each suggested.


The first suggestion, supporting your team instead of leading them, is the same difference as showing someone how they can improve instead of telling them how they can improve. By giving your team instructions on what goal you want to reach and then leaving them to do their jobs in their own way, you allow for them to improve. This method of leading means that your team can feel that you trust them to do their jobs without constant oversight.


According to the article, about 85 percent of employees avoid giving their bosses any critical feedback to avoid getting into trouble. To avoid this being a problem, you should instead encourage the members of your team to come to you with any concerns they may have about their current task by showing your appreciation toward them doing so. By doing this, your team will feel more comfortable voicing their own opinions, which will aid in any job. Learn more:


Keep in mind that not everyone will give their opinions without being asked, in the original article they suggested using some means of keeping track of who has spoken during a team meeting and to verbally encourage anyone who has not spoken to speak their mind. You can’t force them to give their opinions, but with a verbal invitation to do so, they may be more comfortable speaking up.


The James River Capital Corp is located in Richmond, Virginia. The company provides its customers in the United States with services such as commodity trading and investment management and advice, as well as other related services.


Doe Deere Stands Behind Unicorn Colors

The exhilarating Lime Crime brand is an exhurberant line of cosmetics that reaches out to your natural beauty. The Lime Crime founder, Doe Deere has always had a way with exhilarating colors. Business involves taking risks says, Deere. She was one of the first to experiment with the matte formula base to make a success out of her brand. She was willing to risk the business decision of using super-foil against the advice of her peers and other cosmetic designers. Her idea for cosmetics has been able to blend an organic formula that provides a unique super-smooth application. LC cosmetics lasts their clients up to 12 hours.

Her certification in cosmetics gave her a foundation to brand her cosmetics. She received her education from a top design school in New York City. Today, she has used her skills to create other brands under the Lime Crime name. She has been able to create a Unicorn hair dye collection that offers many hypoallergenic colors that are safe for all hair types. That’s right; enjoy a 700ml jar that will give you one complete tint or two semi-permanent highlights. Choose from many unique colors to match your cosplay personality. She’s also been able to make a success of her violet-blue lipstick branded under the Scandal name.

There was a wave of black market matte products being sold in China. The LC brand took action by creating an e-commerce market that has been able to allow authentic products to be sold. Their new international market has allowed thousands of products to be sold to a new market. The success of their overseas deal has allowed them to seek other international mergers. You’re invited to enjoy their popular smudge-proof eyeliner from their overseas market. Plus, Doe Deere has made a success of her cosmetics by being an exclusively sold brand.

The Lime Crime brand is a list of eye-shadow and lipstick products that’s formulated without texture or tone ingredients. Their cosmetics promote your natural beauty with unheard of colors. Many makeup artists, entertainers, and models have caught on to the Lime Crime brand for their amazing long lasting coverage.

Inside OSI Industries’ new Toledo Facility

OSI Industries’ newly acquired facility and outlet in Spain is a factory like no other. The company rebranded the facility as OSI Food Solutions as part of the initiative to penetrate the European market. After the acquisition, the company spent over 17 million euros remodeling the factory to feature some cutting edge operational technology that would ensure that it meets the prospected targets of over 24,000 tons of chicken on an annual basis.

The Spanish factory is part of the OSI Industries’ initiative to expand its market coverage. Since its establishment in 1909, OSI Industries has been dedicated to achieving exemplary customer service by providing innovative food products. Focusing on research and development, the company has been keen to provide customers with exceptional quality foods that feature the modern-day demands of quality as well as health standards.

The Spanish OSI Food Solutions factory located in Toledo gives the company a strategic advantage with the intent of expanding its customer service. The Spanish chicken products market is particularly highly lucrative. For instance, the company noted that there had been an average increase in the demand for chicken products. Analysts estimate that the demand has gone up by over 6% over the last couple of years. With this demand projected to maintain an upward trend, OSI Industries would be looking forward to reaping heavily from the promising growth.

The 22,600 square feet facility is expected to house a production facility, shipping and logistics area, storage area complete with refrigeration, as well as social areas where employees of the company can meet. The facility also houses additional spaces for kitchens, research and development rooms, and other relevant additional features designed to make the Toledo facility exceptional.

OSI Industries is expected to uphold research and development as part of the initiative to keep the business afloat amidst stiff competition that has hit the food service industry in the recent past. OSI also expects that the local production facility would have a direct positive effect on the local economy. In addition to creating new jobs in the Toledo neighborhood, the management expects that the new facility would give the company a new competitive advantage as well as a vantage point to penetrate the European market.

OSI Industries is also committed to the maintenance of high-quality standards as far as production, storage, and food handling is concerned. The exceptional quality standards are expected to be maintained through the newly installed food production surveillance systems.