Sandy Chin Gives Insights on the Importance of Mentorship

Sandy Chin is a renowned investment manager with over two decades of industry experience. Chin is the founder of Tidal Bore Capital where she currently serves as the portfolio manager. Chin founded the company in the year 2016 under the guidance of her mentor William Bill Leach. Chin besides being a professional career woman is also a philanthropist who seeks to empower women and children. Chin provides mentorship to young women who desire to join the financial industry. Besides, Chin provides mentorship and support to children, families, and Schools at the StreetSquash charitable organization. Sandy Chin has an excellent academic background. Chin is an alumnus of the New York University Stern School of Business where he graduated with an MBA in 2007. Chin is also a Political Science graduate from Barnard College.

Sandy Chin as a role model for many young women in the financial sector advises them to always lean to their careers. Women should not be afraid to compete with others in the workplace and should always desire for more. Women should not be scared to ask for more wages, opportunities or promotions. According to Sandy Chin many young people who are beginning their careers do feel lost and lack directions. They have no one to guide them in their career path, and that’s why it is crucial to have a mentor when starting as a young professional. Mentors according to Chin provide career direction and help an individual to be successful in their chosen career field. Here are some tips on the importance of mentorship according to Sandy Chin.

You can Learn Valuable lessons from mentors

According to Sandy Chin, young professionals can learn a lot from mentors. Chin gives her practical example on some of the things she learned from her mentor William Bill Leach in the late 1990s when she started as an investment analyst. Some of the valuable lessons that Chin learned from her mentor was one to never town down a meeting regardless of how small a firm may appear or how junior an analyst maybe. Another valuable lesson that Sandy Chin was able to learn from Leach is always to be inquisitive and asks questions. The world of finance is highly dynamic and fast-paced, and as a result, it can be quite tricky for a young graduate to navigate through the industry says, Chin. Having a mentor in the financial sector is crucial as they will show you how to navigate the field and advance in your career.

Through Mentorship one can Avoid Making Major Mistakes

It is only through mentorship that one will be capable of making major career blunders. Learning from other peoples mistakes can help save you a great deal in your professional life. Mentors are people with decades of industry experience, they have witnessed a lot, and they have made mistakes along the way. Their expertise, wisdom, and insights will help you to avoid making mistakes and will propel you to achieving success in your career path.

The changes that Deirdre Baggot is putting in place to empower patients through healthcare

The passion that Deirdre Baggot has in life is in the healthcare sector, and the desire has overseen her gain experience through corporations and hospital that she uses to save money and be of help to patients. The path of the road of bundled payment for healthcare saving Deirdre Baggot started as a nurse in 1998 at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital located in Chicago. While she was just a nurse, she noticed that to get the correct diagnosis of a patient then she had to order more tests. Over time she decided that she was going to come up with a checklist that she detailed out every illness that patients presented. The reason why she came up with the list was so that to shorten diagnosis time and the result received was more patients received the care needed, and the hospital saved more money. Read full interview of Deirdre Baggot at Inspirery

Deirdre Baggot has made good use of the bundling payments for CMS Acute Care Episode to help her through her career. She has gained the recognition of being an expert when it comes to CMS Acute Care Episode, Medicaid Insurance, and MACRA for Medicare. She has been of help to 200 hospitals and 60 bundles by designing and implementing the strategies. The other thing is that she shares all the knowledge that she has gained about bundling payments. The kind of organizations that she has spoken to include, SAS, American College of Healthcare Executive, Bundled Payment Summit, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and Medtronic.

The other thing that Ms. Baggot has to back up the work experience is the scholastic background. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Baggot then she attended Loyola University Graduate School of Business based in Chicago where she gained her Master’s in Business Administration. After that, she joined the University of Colorado where she earned her Doctorate in Philosophy. The other hospitals that she offered her services to include the Northwestern Memorial and the University of Michigan Hospital. Different shows have featured her like the All Things Considered show, Planet Money, Morning Edition of National Public Radio, and National Public Radio.

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