Recap of the Daily Herald’s Dog Food News Article

In the Dog Food News article a representative of the Daily Herald went and interviewed some of the employees from the Dog Food companies and talked with them on the new surge of food and the spike in sales. The companies who produce dog food, companies like Purina and many others have started to change their food to a more natural way of eating. Since the year of 2009, the companies producing dog food have seen a surge of 45%($10.5 billion increase) in the sales of dog food.

Foods that the companies are starting to produce are containing real meat, veggies, fruits and grains to help our fellow canines achieve a more natural way of living. This is a very good thing, because this helps dogs to live longer and be healthier. The ingredients that are being used are actually said to be some of the finest ingredients in the food industry for dogs.


Beneful is a great line of products for dogs that was created by the Purina Petcare company. This line of dog foods includes of wide variety of wet and dry dog foods and also include dog treats. In the year of 2012, the Beneful line was actually rated to be the 4th most popular brand of food for dogs to hit the market. On average, the company sees around $1.5 billion in revenue each year, meaning that they are a very popular brand in demand.

Recently, in June of 2015, Beneful released a line called Beneful Healthy Harvest. This product replaces meat as the main source of protein with the use of Soy. In the year of 2007, the Beneful line was recognized for their amazing use of packaging and were presented with the Pack Expo Selects Award during the time of the Showcase of Packing Innovations.

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