How Desiree Perez Became One Of The Most Influential Women In Entertainment

It may have been a long time coming, but Desiree Perez has begun to be recognized as one of the leading women in the entertainment world, especially when it comes to women. This recognition began when Billboard named her oDesiree Perezne of the 100 most influential people in music in 2017. However, the music figure’s career began much earlier than that, and she’s had a significant hand in the success of a variety of music icons. One of the most prominent of these has been Jay Z, whom she’s had a professional relationship with for over two decades. This relationship took a significant step forward in 2008 after Jay Z founded the company Roc Nation.

Alongside co-founder Jay Brown, he had a vision of creating a company that was much more than just a record label. This led to the hiring of Desiree Perez the following year. Since then, Roc Nation has gone on to a considerable amount of success over the years. Throughout that time, Ms. Perez has served as Chief Operating Officer and has taken on a variety of different tasks. One of the most prominent of the aspects she’s had a hand in is producing the likes of the On the Run Tour: Beyonce and Jay Z in 2014. However, producing tours isn’t the only thing that Ms. Perez has had a hand in during her time with Roc Nation.Desiree Perez

She’s also known to focus on the likes of long-term marketing and promotion strategies, overseeing publishing and labeling activities and much more. One of the things she’s most known for is her negotiation tactics. One of the most prominent occasions where these skills were on show was when she was able to convince Samsung to promote Rihanna‚Äôs Anti tour for a total of $25 million, which ended up being quite a success.

The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” Single Goes Diamond in a Banner Year for the EDM Duet

In order for a single to gain diamond certification it has to sell a lot of copies. Many artists have enjoyed singles going platinum or double platinum later in their careers, but rare are the ones who enjoy diamond certification. Achieving that means an single has to sell tens of millions of copies, which is exactly what the Chainsmokers single “Closer” did. Recently the popular EDM duet of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart took to Instagram to share the news. They published a photo of themselves holding huge plaques with the popular single encased inside. This is a huge accolade to receive. What makes it bigger is that “Closer” only came out two years ago in 2016.

In reality the Chainsmokers have only been around four years. The time they spent working the trenches before their big breakout does not really count. For most people the Chainsmokers began to exist in 2014 with their first hit “#Selife”. By the time they approached “Closer” they already had a portfolio of hit singles, and successful EP releases. To complete the song the duo used up-and-comer Halsey to provide vocals. This would be Halsey’s breakout as she became well known after “Closer’s” release. The song was an instant smash. It grew in popularity with both Chainsmokers fans, EDM listeners, and anyone else who happen to hear it. It gave Pall and Taggart their first Grammy nod, and eventually netted the fourth longest running No.1 single spot.

Now in the midst of a busy, productive, and successful year for the duo they get a very important feather in the cap. Anticipation is high that a second studio album will soon be making an appearance. This is a big deal considering how well their last album performed. “Memories… Do Not Open” actually nabbed an accolade itself. It recently became the third longest running non-consecutive No.1 for Billboard. Released back in 2017 the album has yet to leave the top 10. With “Closer” garnering high praise many predict the time is ripe for album two. Looking at the Chainsmokers one gets a feeling they might just bask a little first.

The Chainsmokers: Taking on the Summer

The Chainsmokers were formed when the band’s current manager, Adam Alpert, introduced two of friends to each other, Alex Pall and Andrew “Drew” Taggart. Alpert knew that Pall needed a DJ partner, and he also knew that Taggart would be a perfect fit. Pall and Taggart had a quick, easy chemistry together and both men quit their day jobs to make a gS .

By 2014 the Chainsmokers were ready for their debut, playing a show at Terminal 5 in New York in September as the opener for Timeflies. The show was a success and the Chainsmokers were ready to get it done.

They have had several chart-topping songs and Ep’s, but arguably their biggest success came with their first full-length album, “Memories…Do Not Open.” The album hit #1 on both of Billboard’s Dance/Electronic and Top 200 Charts. They have a great deal of crossover popularity, selling many albums outside of the dance/electronic genre.

They often release free singles via their website, with the songs being downloadable for anyone. These singles are often more experimental than their longer play recordings. Though these single releases they maintain a presence in the music scene between longer albums. They also get the chance to explore other genres of music and collaborate with a diversity of other musicians.

The most recent of their singles, “Side Effects”, is a collaboration with Emily Warren. Pall and Taggart have worked with Warren several times before and enjoy their experiences with her, naming her one of their “favorite people.” “Side Effect” represents a return to a more upbeat sound for the Chainsmokers, who tend to write music incorporating their feelings and experiences at the time. During the last winter, normally a subdued and melancholy time, they were having some rough experiences and much of the music they released at the time showcase this. Pall and Taggart consciously made “Side Effects” more upbeat, with a faster tempo. They wanted to step into summer with something they described as a “summer banger” for their fans. They want the new season to have a new direction for their music.