Fabletics excels in the online fashion market

There are lots of fashion brands that are in the market today. It is hard to know which of these brands are the best. A good brand is identified by its product design, customer care, and product quality. Fabletics is one of the best online fashion companies because it excels in all these.


Fabletics is an e-commerce company that sells activewear items through an online subscription program. The subscription program has resulted in a significant success. It works in a simple way. All you have to do is to sign up for the service and take up a survey. The survey comes in the form of questionnaires about your fashion styles and body size. The firm uses this information to send personalized outfits every month. Once you subscribe, you have the option of skipping one month or stopping it altogether.


Many people have loved the subscription service. It is attested by the number of customers that subscribe to the service. The program has made shopping better and convenient like never before. The membership program comes with free shipping policy. Free shipping is ideal for people that are busy and may not get time to visit local stores.


Kate Hudson is behind Fabletics success. She has done the impossible by competing with big giants like Amazon. She has grown her online fashion business to become a $250 million business. The company has developed in a short period of three years. The subscription model and personalized shopping experiences are the main reason for the success. Fabletics have loved the brand because it offers convenience and inspires them.


Fabletics main success is because the company dedicated itself to follow a different business approach. Price and quality defined successful traditional brands. However, brands today have to focus on a different approach to succeed. The leading factors that contribute to a company’s success are customer satisfaction, brand awareness, and product designs. A company that builds on this qualities will become highly successful. Fabletics has strived to achieve all these through their subscription business model. The result is that the company has become highly successful.


Fabletics success has led to the opening of stores in different parts of the country. In February 2016, the company reported that it is set to open more than seventy-five stores within the next five years. During 2016, the company opened six stores in different shopping destinations. The brand has brick and mortar stores in North Carolina, Mall of America, Cherry Creek Center, and SouthPark Mall.


Fabletics has a growing social media presence. The company makes proper use of social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Fabletics posts on their Facebook page information about the company’s exclusive sales and current specials. Anyone that wants the latest information about new clothing, upcoming posts or inspiration fashion messages should look at their Facebook page. On the company’s LinkedIn page one can find information about the business’s history, locations, their industry and its size. Kate Hudson posts videos about her outfits from Fabletics on Instagram. The company’s availability in social media pages has improved its publicity.