The Latest Acquisition

With assets of about $4.6 billion, NexBank is a reliable partner in the provision of mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional banking services. The bank focuses mainly on real estate investors, large corporations, and middle-market firms.

The bank, which has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, recently announced the acquisition of College Savings Bank of Princeton, NJ. Its latest acquisition is a bank that specializes in college saving programs.

According to the president and CEO of NexBank, its latest acquisition will retain its current operations, name, and branding. However, it will now provide those services as a division of NexBank. According to the CEO, the transaction was advantageous for both parties. It would allow Nexbank to better serve the broad needs of its clients and assist families in saving for college. He further added that the acquisition was important for both the short and long-term growth of the company.

College Savings Bank has been focusing on assisting parents to save for college since 1987 when it was founded. It has served as a reliable partner for many parents who want to prepare their kids to access higher education. The bank is the program manager for college savings programs in the states of Arizona and Indiana.

NexBank’s Philanthropic Work

After a recent sniper attack on police officers, the bank, and others in Texas wanted to help families of the affected police officers. It contributed to the Assist the Officer Foundation, which is a non-profit operated by the Dallas Police Association.

John Holt, the CEO, and president of NexBank said that the support for officers from citizens and businesses was a testament to the goodness of the people of Dallas and Texas in general. Although he noted that the donation would not eliminate the damage caused by the attack, it would help lessen the pain of the victims.

About NexBank

NexBank is part of NexBank Capital Inc. The bank, which has a charter dating back to 1922, is a leading regional bank in Texas. It services can be accessed by individuals, corporations, and institutional clients, who benefit from its wide range of financial services and products.