AIG Refuses To Cover Former AHEB Owners, Over Employment Practices.

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The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC are the former owners of the NBA Franchise. A lawsuit which does not include the new owners of the NBA was filed on 13th September in Fulton County Supreme Court. The lawsuit was against New Hampshire Insurance Company for a breach of Contract, where the company refused to compensate AHBE for losses incurred, triggered by Mr. Ferry’s Actions. AHBE claims it had taken insurance coverage policy over losses that would be incurred in relation to employment practices.

An undisclosed amount buyout of Mr. Ferry’s Hawks ownership got to an agreement on June 2015 to end the six-year $18 million Contract that began in 2012. The Insurance Company has refused to neither acknowledge nor participate in the claims against it. The lawsuit also includes a claim of an additional penalty to cover attorney’s cost.

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