George Soros: Democrats mega donor working to get out the vote

Democratic mega-donor George Soros has been spending millions to mobilize Florida’s Puerto Rican voters, a voting bloc strongly fought over in one of the country’s biggest battleground states. George Soros gave $200,000 to a Florida political committee, United for Progress, which educates Floridians about issues that are important to the Puerto Rican community around the state. The campaign will be heavily revolved around mailers targeting certain races with a lot of Puerto Rican voters who lean Democrat.

George Soros is a Hungarian-born financial expert who previously donated $200,000 targeting the Puerto Rican community with the to-get-out-the-vote campaigns. The funds were sent to United for Progress.

United for Progress is working inside House District 43, which is being overseen by Democrat John Cortes, while the District is 55 percent Hispanic, most being Puerto Rican. The District, which is based in Osceola County, has recently seen an influx of Puerto Ricans due to the continued financial crisis on the island.

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House District 48 in Orlando is evenly with eligible voters that are Hispanic, most whom are Puerto Rican. The Puerto Rican population in Florida skyrocketed 110% since 2000, giving the Puerto Rican community political clout. These new Puerto Rican residents make up nearly one-third of all eligible Hispanic voters, who represent about 15 percent of all Florida voters this election cycle. Puerto Rican voters are the second-largest group of Hispanic voters in Florida, and are expected to become the largest by 2020.

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George Soros has spent $1.3 million successfully ousting sitting State Attorney Jeff Ashton, and is also fighting hard against Hillsborough State Attorney Mark Ober. As the number of Puerto Ricans flock to Florida, it has become key for Democrats to win over that new voting bloc and bringing them to the polls. The issues of concern to the Puerto Ricans include: federal funding for Zika and the government’s debt crisis. Fellow Puerto Ricans have seen an increase over the past few weeks of an increased number of voters from the Hispanic and Puerto Rican community, turning out to vote.

George Soros’ funding strategy continues to help the Democrats bring more voters to the polls, ensuring that their policies are approved and that the right candidates are elected by the Hispanic and Puerto Rican community. Democratic leaders continue to fight for the Hispanic community including the Puerto Ricans bringing to light the issues that matter to them, when it comes to making policy decisions in their districts and cities.

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George Soros Back In The Election Arena

After spending an astonishing $27 million dollars in an attempt to end George Bushes 2004 re election campaign, George Soros has kept a low profile on the political scene. However he has reemerged as one of the largest donors for this election committing over $25 million dollars to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and other democratic candidates. Soros has long been an open democratic supporter but because the stakes are so high Soros feels the extra need to participate in the process and do what he can to make sure Hillary Clinton has the resources to be beat Donald Trump on Investopedia. Soros sees Trump as a real threat to Stability in the USA and around the world which is of course concerning to any investor. In addition Soros has long been a supporter of the democratic party for its social issues the parallel his many philanthropic activities such as fighting for religious freedom and immigration reform.

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Soros is such a big Hillary support he even wanted to attend the democratic convention last week in Philadelphia, but was unable to make it do to the situation in Europe that Soros must closely monitor. George Soros has known Hillary for over 25 years and through that relationship he has a large amount of faith that she is the right person for the job. In addition his lack of faith in Donald Trump adds to his desire to make sure Trump does not get elected. In addition to his personal donations, George Soros has a domino effect within the elite finance world. When George Soros makes large donations to various packs other high wealth individuals tend to follow adding to the pool of resources for Team Hillary. After spending so much money trying to defeat Bush, Soros never thought he would need to participate in the process with such a large check again thinking that Bush was an exception he had to make and then along came Donald Trump.