Lime Crime To The Rescue

Lime Crime was founded in 2008 by Doe Deere, an aspiring entrepreneur who had tried her hand in the past at fashion and music. While she enjoyed some success in both of these pursuits her true passion was still to be found.

Doe noticed that none of the makeup that was available at the time appealed to her. She searched for the bright vibrant colours she yearned to use but they were not to be found. She was in the decade of the neutrals. Most makeup of the day was tuned to the neutral or natural look with not much color thrown in.

This is where Doe Deere decided that she would have to make the makeup that she craved. There was none to be found anywhere that appealed to her, so what else was she to do? This is how she found out that she had a passion for making unique and excellent makeup as well as a sense for business.

Doe figured out how to work with chemists and manufacturers to create the makeup looks that she wanted to wear. Once she realized that her wants were also the wants of a new generation; she had an idea that creating a makeup brand and marketing it might work. She was right and Lime Crime was born.

According to Doll Skill, Lime Crime is the dream child that Doe Deere gave birth to, complete with glitter unicorns and the vibrant colours she loves. By following her imagination and her vision of the type of makeup that she would love to wear, Doe was also able to tap into the psyche of young women all over who felt the same way.

These women were tired of the plain and neutral shades that seemed to proliferate all over, in every makeup store. They were eager for a taste of some something new and pretty.

Another innovation that Doe Deere came up with was to sell totally on the internet. This saved her all sorts of issues that come from dealing with a brick and mortar store. The biggest saving was on overhead, not having to rent or buy space to sell her wares. So she used the internet and her company flourished.