Best Party Gifts For Your Whiskey Drinking Guy


Party gifts for men are difficult to purchase, even for the woman that assumes that she knows her guy quite well.  Sure you can go for underwear brands that will make him fell comfy, or even one of the fancy mens wallet brands, but that’s sort of a crap shoot.  These are the things people usually like to pick out for themselves.

Now, if your guy is really a whiskey guy, you probably know that already, but which brand is best? Guys have their own personal taste or brand. Consequently, you could simply buy that brand or check out this list of the best cheap Whiskey brands that your guy is probably going to like along with a good old fashioned soda.


Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey

This is a favorite among a wide variety of guys. This is an American Bourbon that is manufactured in Kentucky. The whiskey has a heavy, deep flavor that is very distinctive of Kentucky Bourbon. The Wild Turkey Brand is a cheap American brand, but is a rich, full bodied blend that compares with more expensive brands of cheap whiskey.


Canadian Mist Black Diamond Canadian Whiskey

This is one of the best cheap whiskey brands.  This Canadian Whiskey with a sweet, rich, and fruity flavor. The 86 proof blend has a decidedly bold flavor that you guy is sure to like. This is a high premium Canadian Whiskey that cost less than twenty bucks. Great on the rocks or straight.


Old Fashioned Soda Brand

Select the whiskey of your choice and mix it with a good old fashioned brand soda like RC Cola, Dads Old Fashioned Cream Soda, Dads Old Fashioned Root Beer, or Cripple Creek Soda.


The good news is that the Whiskey and Old Fashioned Soda Brands are less than thirty bucks. The even better news is that the products are readily available across the country or to order online.