George Soros Summons Latino Voters


This fall, Donald Trump is hoping to hear his name announced on New York Times as the next United States president. However, this won’t be the case if George Soros has any say in it. That’s because Soros feels so strongly against Trump that he’s funding a $15 million campaign to mobolize Latinos and other immigrant voters.

The main reason why Latinos and immigrants have such a problem with Trump is that the presidential candidate made it very clear over and over again that he wants to send those types of people right out of this country. He feels that they are taking the jobs of Americans here and are bringing drugs into our country. Trump believes the best way to do this is by putting up a wall at all of the borders. This is such an extreme act, which is why George Soros does not want Trump to be president.

The way this campaign works is by reaching Latino voters and other immigrants and then urging them to vote Democratic this fall at the polls. The campaign won’t only target those individuals who are on the fence about who to vote for, but also those Latinos and immigrants who are already settled on voting Democratic. Soros wants to make sure that there is no question of a doubt about who to vote for in November. In his mind, the Democrats have to win at any cost, even if that cost is a whopping $15 million.

Of course it is not definite that Trump will be the ultimate Republican candidate. Right now he is in a race against Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz for that title. Trump is running away in the polls so far, though. The Democrats are also undecided on who their main candidate will be this November. Currently, it’s a toss-up between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Clinton is in the lead for the Democrats so far.

If you’re thinking that it must be super difficult for Soros and his other donors to reach every single Latino and immigrant voter, you’re right. That’s why he is focusing most of his efforts on those individuals in the states where the Latino and Asian populations are highest. These states include Nevada, Colorado and Florida. By targeting his campaign on those who live in these states, he’s able to talk and interact directly with people who could make a difference in the election.

While we don’t have any answers yet on who is going to take the win this November, it should be interesting to see if Soros’ huge campaign will play any part on the outcome. Will Latinos and immigrants truly impact the race for president or will the Republicans take the seat?