Securus Technologies, Taking Others Under its Wing to Advance Technology

Securus Technologies, a leader in inmate and correctional facility management, has recently announced that its growing, yet again. The company has been in business for over 30 years and serves over 1.2 million inmates and several thousand agencies across the US. The acquisition of GovPayNet has recently made headlines. This company is over 20 years old, and processes payments on behalf of governmental agencies. Bail, traffic tickets, court fees and house arrest monitoring fees are just a few of the services they provide. Another recent acquisition was JPay, who is also involved in processing payments for correctional facilities. The acquisitions are most likely to increase the services that Securus Technologies can provide its customers.


Securus Technologies is best known for connecting inmates and their loved ones. In recent years, the company has made a strong effort to make calls and other services more affordable. Other services like video visitation also help families save money by being able to remain in their own home rather than having to travel to a facility. This also eliminates the potential of wasting money if the inmate is required to reschedule due to a lockdown or other unpreventable circumstances. Securus Technologies offers inmates and their family’s flexible solutions to work with nearly any budget or schedule.


Another technology that has recently been made available to inmates is tablet computers. The tablets allow a limited amount of entertainment and include educational software. Being able to sharpen their skills, inmates are more competitive applicants entering the job market after being released. The mergers have also made wireless containment systems possible. WCS units prevent contraband cellular devices from being used within a facility. This is a huge benefit to everyone, as access to unlimited communications with the outside world has been linked to many crimes. Securus Technologies will continue its path to staying ahead with the addition of these new companies under its wing.


How Securus Technologies Helped Bust a Crime Spree

My fugitive task force was called in to help bring a violent criminal to justice. This suspect was breaking into homes and hurting the tenants before leaving with all their valuables. Despite us knowing about who he was, we could never get enough evidence to put him at the scenes of the crime. We decided we were going to have to try a different technique if we were going to finally take him off the streets.


One day we were able to arrest the suspect on different charges, and even though the jail time was short, we thought we could squeeze his family for answers while he was sitting in jail. Time and time again, his girlfriend would offer us little, asking us to leave the premises and stop harassing her. On a trip to the prison, we decided to make use of the Securus Technologies inmate call monitoring system to try and crack this case before he could get back on the street.


Each time the suspect talked to his wife, they were careful to not say anything about the crimes. This was getting concerning because he would be released in weeks, and we were afraid he would slip right back into his habits of burglaries. During one call, the Securus Technologies monitoring system detected something we had never considered. This suspect had another girlfriend, and she was becoming irritated he was not around to help support her and his other baby.


Once we uncovered this information, we visited the new girlfriend, collected pictures and letters the suspect wrote her, and took them to his current girlfriend. Once she discovered he was seeing another, she began to open up. When you involve a scored lover, all bets are off. She revealed everything we needed and even gave us evidence to connect our suspect to the robberies.


The Power of Securus Technologies to Protect Officers

I can say with no uncertainly that working in a jail is the most dangerous job in the world. Each day, me and my fellow officers are outnumbered 4:1 by inmates who want nothing more than to hurt us for treating them like animals. My job is the jail is actually keeping those inmates safe from attack from each other, while keeping us safe in the process.


To limit the amount of violence in the jail, we do a good job of inspecting each person that comes in to visit the inmates. Although these visitors know that they are going to be arrested if caught trying to smuggle in contraband, yet they are willing to risk it many times to help their friends and family that are trapped in the jails. We also do several surprise inspections each day on the inmate cells, and as much as they feel this is an invasion of their privacy, we recover numerous items that could be used to hurt others.


When Securus Technologies installed the inmate phone system in the jail, little did we know we were going to discover perhaps the most powerful of all resources in our battle to stop the flow of weapons into the jail. I was trained to use the system and the LBS software, and it began to bear fruit instantly. Listening in on calls between inmates and family used to be a challenge because they could code their conversations. Now, I am able to hear chatter in a way like never before.


In the last month, I have recovered weapons that inmates referenced they were hiding in their cells, hiding in the yard, or making in the metal shop. These calls have also helped us to find which visitors are being told to bring contraband to the jail, and catching them before they even get in the jail.


Securus Does It Again! Is Awarded Gold Stevie Award

Securus Technologies has done it again! They have been awarded the Gold Stevie Award in the eleventh annual Gold Stevie Awards for sales and customer service. They were awarded with the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service training department of 2017.


The awards were presented to Securus Technologies during a banquet on a recent Friday. Over 650 executives from around the world were present to attend this event as the awards were being handed out. The banquet was held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Getting the awards is no simple feat. There were over 2,300 nominations from various companies and organizations from around the world in various different industries and markets. There were 77 judges, all professionals who took each nominee into account. There were lesser awards, such as the silver and bronze awards, but Securus got the Gold award.


Senior Vice President of Operations at Securus Technologies, Danny de Hoyos, said that it’s great to be recognized by leaders in the field for their dedication, commitment, innovation, and quality.


The judges were full of praise for Securus Technologies. One judge said that the role of Securus is very important in today’s society and that it’s such a good thing that they will always provide their services to those who need them. The founder of the Stevie Awards, who is also the president, Michael Gallagher, said that the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service is really one of the most competitive of all the Stevie Awards and is growing at a very fast rate.


Securus Technologies is a company that services more than 1,200,000 inmates in more than 3,450 law agencies and correctional facilities around the country. They develop technologies for monitoring products, self-service products for inmates, emergency response products and a lot more in order to make the world a safe place.



Securus Technologies Makes Automates Inmate Forms

Securus Technologies has reduced the workload of the securities officers of its prisons. They accomplished this by introducing a new form of technology, ConnectUs, an automated forms processing program. ConnectUs saves an enormous amount of manpower. Time that was once spent processing paperwork is now redirected to other tasks.

Inmate Forms

  • Grievances
  • Sign up forms
  • Medical

· Handbook acceptance forms

When each of these forms is about to be submitted by an inmate a complex process is initiated. To begin with an inmate or another corrections employee must request the form and then a corrections officer must distribute the form. That form is then completed and must be collected by the officer, routed, logged, copied, filed, archived and stored. That’s a lot of activity that must follow the initial release of a requested form. That activity translated equals many man hours.

ConnectUs is purported to save up to 65% of that time. It is completely automated, making the original production of forms less time consuming. The prison system produces about 13.8 different forms each month and of course that is multiplied by thousands of inmates across the country.

By automating the form processing system, it is now easier for inmates to follow the processing of their forms. If additional information is needed, officers can request it online from the inmates. As the form moves through the system, inmates can follow its progress until its approval or denial. The final decision can also be obtained online when the inmate logs onto the program.


ConnectUs does just that, it connects the inmates to the prison officials electronically. It saves a great many man hours and allows that time to be redirected to more pressing matters. Plus, inmates are better served when the processing of their requests is completed in a timely manner and they are electronically kept informed as it moves through the approval or denial process.