Richard Liu Qiangdong and the Tech Future

Richard Liu Qiangdong and will continue to strive for excellence as they step into the future. The future is made by decision makers such as Richard Liu Qiangdong who understand the needs and wants of the consumer and strive to make a difference in their lives.

Let’s take a look at some recent news about what Richard Liu Qiangdong and are doing with their time on this planet.

The Integration of Drones Into Society

Large cities and more advanced areas have all the luck and opportunity. Individuals that live in big cities are likely to have exposure to the latest interesting components such as scooters presented by companies such as Bird, Lime, and others. Individuals that live in cities are likely to have more exposure to the jobs, innovations, and events that are present therein. Those who reside in more rural areas do not necessarily have all these opportunities or access to these opportunities because of the different type of society that is present therein. Richard Liu Qiangdong understands the discrepancy and realizes that there is value by going after these new and underserved markets.

So what is he doing to go after these underserved markets? He is collaborating with companies such as Alibaba to bring about quality vehicles that will help to solve a few of their connection issues. Due to the lack of proper logistics infrastructure within rural areas, more companies may stay away. It may be hard to conduct business because of the lack of infrastructure.

As such, companies such as with their leaders like Richard Liu Qiangdong are looking at ways to distribute value to them as well. One way of doing so is through drone technology. Drone technology with the integration of artificial intelligence and robotics makes it to where it is more efficient and it is effective.

The initial investment is the cost, continuous hourly costs or yearly costs for human personnel are not part of the picture with unmanned drones. As such, the company has been conducting tests in various different regions within China and in other nations to make an impact.

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Expert Managers of Excess MSR’s – New Residential Investment Corporation

New Residential Investment Corp. is one of the staple names in the investment management industry when it comes to residential investments. One of the focus investments of New Residential Investment Corp. is Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights. These kinds of investments dominate a third of their major investments in the company’s portfolio. Excess Mortgage Service is the amount of money left, or the percentage of cash flow that remains after the funds have been divided into principal payments. Mortgage Servicing Rights are assets that transfer the service portfolio from the individual to the manager – when rights are transferred, the investment manager can act as the controller of the funds, so the manager can distribute and collect payments.

Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights are very visible in the market, and there are about $10 trillion dollars worth of investment opportunities that are available in the market. Currently, majority of Mortgage Servicing Rights are held by banks, but New Residential Investment Corp. foresees that this percentage will decline in the near future because of heightened capital reserve requirements. As banks sell their rights to private companies, there are more opportunities opening for private firms like New Residential Investment Corp., and the opportunity to co-invest in Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights can be held by the company.

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Madison Street Capital’s Solutions to its Clients.

Madison Street Capital is an enterprise that internationally operates, and it has specialized in offering investment banking services. The firm has committed itself to providing its solutions with excellence, integrity, and leadership. It guides both private and public businesses in the corporate world. Madison has a fast response to new opportunities in the markets since it understands the sensitivity of time in the business community. It has been using great strategies in making financial deals that benefit all the involved parties. The employees that the company has hired have the connections, experience, and skills that are necessary for linking the seller and the buyers and also to give important investment and financing approaches for different problems that face the clients.

The methods that are used by Madison Street Capital show how experienced it is in various fields in the corporate world. It has been helping clients in several industries to achieve the missions in time. The knowledge of the firm in the administration and financing of enterprises made it be known as a leading provider of advice in valuations and finance solutions. Its branches have been established in Asia, Africa, and North America and this has assisted it to have connections and excellent relationships.

The solutions that the enterprise offers can are divided into six divisions. These services include valuation of businesses, which includes tax compliance and calculating the worth of companies. Another one is corporate advisory, and it consists of merger and acquisitions, restructuring of capital, private placements, reorganizing services, buyout advisory, corporate governance, and bankruptcy services. The third unit is financial reports, and it deals with benevolence & intangible property impairment, structured finance products, allocation of buying prices, and compensations that are share-based. Tax strategizing and wealth protection is associated with business exits, tax planning, and wealth accumulations. The last unit is financial opinions, and it is made up of independent 3rd party equality opinions and solvency & capital abundance.

The Madison Street Capital’s reputation has risen since it has been honored with various awards due to its outstanding services. The awards that the company has been offered are the 2015’s Turnaround Awards Refinancing Deal of the Year at the 10th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. In the same year, it was made to be the winner of the NACVA’s 40 Under Forty Industry Mavericks Award. The company has won three awards this year, and they are the Industrials Deal of the Year, 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Awards, and Cross-Border Deal of the Year at the International M&A Advisor Awards. The M&A Advisor Awards has also nominated it to its 15th annual award, and its will be competing for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year.

Stock-Based Loans and Margin-Based Loans Are Great Alternative Financing Solutions

Though many people will tell you that stock-based loans and margin-based are more or less the same because they both engage in the practice of using securities for collateral, there are some major differences between the two they are overlooking that you should know about.


Stock-based loans and margin-based loans


For instance, borrowers of are not required to be pre-qualified to receive a stock-based loan, whereas borrowers cannot receive a margin- based loan if they do not qualify beforehand and provide an acceptable reason for needing the loan. Obstacles borrowers would face when trying to receive a loan from a bank. A stock-based loan can be used for any purpose the borrower chooses without any restriction.


Borrowers also have no obligation or ties to lenders with stock-based loans by way of a non recourse feature that can be found in most stock-based loans. Borrowers are allowed to keep the initial loan proceeds even if they decide to just up and cut ties with the lender of the stock-based loan because the value of the stock decreased. Something that really draws the attention of investors and borrowers who are looking for as little risk possible when choosing an alternative financing solution. Market fluctuation is bound to happen so the key is being prepared when it does.


One thing that is synonymous for both stock-based loans and margin-based loans is how they’ve both benefited from the financial crisis in 2008. Peoples loss of faith in banks have led to the seeking out alternative shareholder financing solutions like the two aforementioned. Banks also seem to have loss a bit of faith in people. Since the economic collapse banks have made it even tougher for individuals to qualify for credit-based loans. Their lending criteria has tighten substantially.


Companies like Equities First Holding has also taken advantage of the new age economic climate. Equities lending has never been so accepted by individuals, as an alternative to credit-based loans.


 Equities First has become a prominent alternative financing solution since its founding in 2002, becoming a world renowned company. Equities First has 650 successful transactions under its belt worth more than $1 billion today.

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Madison Street Capital Nominated For Industry Honors

Madison Street Capital is very pleased to announce that it has been selected by the prestigious M&A Advisor as finalist in two categories. The final selection will be announced on November 9, 2016, however, the firm feels it a great honor to even be considered.The announcement can be found in an article on

The first nomination comes in the boutique investment banking category. Madison Street Capital has helped thousands of professionals with their financial needs including arriving at business valuations, helping customers to restructure their current businesses, serving as corporate advisors and helping provide valuations for financial reports. The hard working team that is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, has many years of experience in middle market investment banking.

The second award comes in the International and Industrialsout Deal of the Year (Under $100MM) category. The nomination for this award is based on the hard work of Karl D’Cunha, a Senior Managing Director with Madison Street Capitol, who helped make the acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A by Dowco possible. Finalizing this purchase was a game changer in the heavy steel industry. Dowco is now in a position to quickly provide the steel and workers to complete projects around the world instead of having to rely on other companies to provide the raw materials. It also helps them assure customers that they can complete the job on time because they have control of the entire process.

Madison Street Capitol has never rested on their laurels. They are currently helping several companies with restructuring. CEO Charles Botchway says that there are several ways that a company can tell when it is time to restructure their companies including high customer turnover, always having to look for new customers to replace those leaving, cash flow problems, outdated business models and organizational inefficiencies. He urges companies of all sizes to consider the help of their professionals if it is time to restructure your own company.

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